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Singing Shells Singing Shells v1.0

Singing Shells is simple yet addictive brain-puzzle game. The rules are very simple, remember sounds and colors sequence and then repeat it.

3dAirHockey 3dAirHockey v1.64

The best 3D Air Hockey !

Fruit Archery Fruit Archery v1.2

Fruit Archery Game

IG Penguin IG Penguin v3

Launch a penguin to make him travel through space.

Break in Ball FREE Break in Ball FREE v1

Move the paddles using your device's accelerometer. Use the paddles to prevent the ball from going outside the screen. Speed of the ball will increase as the game move on. Hope you will enjoy it and will leave good comments and ratings.

Rock Shooter Rock Shooter v1.5

This is an Asteroid shooter game.

Chalk Balls Chalk Balls v1.0.0

Are you fast enough for this challenge?

Cute Balance Cute Balance v1.1.3

Have fun with Cute Balance!

Pirate Wars Pirate Wars v1.1

Blow up enemy ships and TNT crates, upgrading your ship and play with a different ship, up to four ships.
Face an enemy pirate ship, shoot at and dodge its cannon balls.
Adjust your shooting speed and fire. Move your ship on your half of you screen. Tap to move.

Clay Hunt Clay Hunt v1.4.5

The Original iPhone shooting game classic is finally available for Android!

Clay Hunt is the most realistic clay shooting game available. In five different game modes you'll have to learn to handle a shotgun like an expert and hit rapidly flying targets from varying angles!

Kudos Word Search Kudos Word Search v1.0.6

Find 7 Word Search will put your word finding and General Knowledge skills to the ultimate test. Can you find all 7 words in the time limit?

Mine Speed Touch Mine Speed Touch v1.2

MineSpeedTouch is a Funny Mine Speed Touch Game, fire mine as much as you can and get a high score.
Simple Game for Relax...

*All rights reserved to Smartware Solutions.

High Noon: Demo High Noon: Demo v1.0

Decide your fate as a gunfighter in this Western-themed text adventure.

NerdQuiz NerdQuiz v1.5.1

NerdAzoid - A Quiz/TriviaGame for real Nerds!

What awaits you:

Over 800 questions are waiting for you. Four different categories(Fantasy, SciFi, Videogames & Superheroes) and three different levels of difficulty want to play with you.
Collect as much achievements as possible, to unlock extra features.

Space Control Space Control v1.0.2

5 Animated Galactic Levels! 7 unique ship types and sizes! This Version includes the Frigate class Star ships 7x larger than regular fighters!

Space Control Free Space Control Free v1.0.4

3 Animated Galactic Levels! Multiple ship types including the Area 13 UFO! Tap and Drag the spaceships to their specified docking bays in order to earn points! Watch out for collisions and keep the ships out of harms way!

Balls VS Blobs Balls VS Blobs v1.11

★ Physics based Ball-Shooter with Cute graphics and Unique gameplay ★

Memory IQ Memory IQ v1.5

Memory IQ

Mahjong Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire v2.1

The classic solitaire game for Android. Match tiles to empty the field! Play fast for an higher score and post your score on leaderbord. Play perfect games (no shuffles) to unlock new fields.

SmartMaze SmartMaze v2.0

SmartMaze is a Smart Dynamic Maze with different levels of difficulties, each time you will get a new Maze to solve.

*All rights reserved to Smartware Solutions.