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Greedy Zombie Greedy Zombie v1.7

You're a zombie on the street, you must eat all the people but be careful around landmines, because they'll explode if you touch them.

Use the accelerometer to move and grab power ups to keep on eating.

Remember you are a greedy zombie don´t disappoint me.

Metal Caps Metal Caps v1.0

Good at strategic hits? Good at precision strikes? Then this fun game is right up your alley. Shoot your red cap to knock your blue caps off the board. Be beware! Avoid yellow caps and keep the gray caps on the board while using them to get the red caps off the board. Can you do it? Challenge yourself as you try your luck with Metal Caps!

Alphabetica Alphabetica v1.0

Alphabetica is an addictive character tapping game for Android.Try to tap all the characters from A to Z as fast as you canTry to get into to the Hi Scores by using animating characters as a hint.Have Fun!

Go Bananas - Monkey Fun Game Go Bananas - Monkey Fun Game v1.4

Go Bananas is the ultimate monkey game! Knock down and collect as many bananas as you can.

Go Bananas - Monkey Sling Shot Go Bananas - Monkey Sling Shot v1.3

Go Bananas is the ultimate monkey game! Knock down and collect as many bananas as you can.

I am hungry I am hungry v1.2.01

It seems that cakepig will never get full. You need to guide him to eat as much food as possible. Some delicious food are hidden in secret places, don't leave the piggy hungry!

Underwater Tic Tac Toe Underwater Tic Tac Toe v1.0.1

Play Tic Tac Toe Underwater, come and make some bubbles!

To Get Love To Get Love v1.2

Its the season of Love.
Help our hero to get to his beloved before the obstacles get to him.
Cute graphics, lovely characters and beautiful music.

The Moron Test The Moron Test v1.33

★★ Are you a moron? ★★ No? Then prove it! With this great app you can show yourself that you've got some basic knowledge about the world we live in. With simple questions about everything from math to geography and everyday tasks.

Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to see how their knowledgeable they really are. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two from this game.

General Knowledge General Knowledge v1.0

With Fun Increase Your General Knowledge...Questions in this app are related to Sport,Geography,Biology,Physic,Chemistry,Politics..etc and contains good User Interface..

OmegaTeam OmegaTeam v1.01

This game is Shooting Game.
You can control with button on your screen.
Move,shoot and jump with button on screen.

Story of game : You are The Special Force.You have mission to go to The Lab of Dimensional Portal for shutdown the power plant but it's not easy.In The Lab of Dimensional Portal have many monster to kill you.

Safecracker Safecracker v1.0.20

Break your mind and feel like the safecracker.

Paper Racing Paper Racing v1.4

Paper Racing is an interesting and fun alternative style of racing game - it's a turn-based racing game.

Penny Can Penny Can v1.3.6

Penny Can is the ultimate street game of the past and it's now on your device!

Play 45 levels of the most challenging and addictive game yet.

Can you Penny Can every level? Will you find the bonus points?

100 Puzzles 100 Puzzles v1.41

Take your brain on a workout right now with this great puzzle game!

Use your phone to the max in order to find the solutions - rotate, swipe, shake etc

This game is very performance optimized and lightweight, it barely takes up 4 mb when installed

PizzaCook PizzaCook v1.0

Ever think about create your own pizza menus ? now with Pizza Cook - Maker Game you can do it

Terrone Geddon Terrone Geddon v1.0.7

un gioco che dimostra che gli italiani sono razzisti

Bug Smasher Bug Smasher v1.7

Bug Smasher is a fun and addicting game to pass the time. Tap to smash all the bugs.

Glow Racer Glow Racer v2.0

Test your racing instinct!
Glowing cars, glowing circuit, cool music and effects. Video Preview Included !!
Vs 2.0
- More challenging gameplay
- Different sized opponents.

Lime FREE Lime FREE v1.0

This is light (free) version of Lime 3D
Lime 3D is a 3D maze game with elements of different games like sokoban, bolderdash, puzzle boy etc. Smooth gameplay, simple control, nice music. Just try and you'll like it. Lime 3D! and let the others wait!