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Copter Potato Copter Potato v1.03

A fun version of the classic game Copter, control the cute potato-copter (roflcopter) as far as possible. There's some mysterious fruit helping you along the way in their own different ways. Have fun!

Word Rescue - Earth Word Rescue - Earth v3.2

Find/Search Words and Get better at any Word Game.

Everyone plays game like Scrabble, Word Mole etc and gets stuck after some time. Word rescue earth will help you to find/search more words in a fashion of intelligent word game and help you cross that barrier.

Pub Quiz Lite Pub Quiz Lite v1.0

Test your general knowledge with this pub quiz featuring over 1500 multiple choice questions covering a variety of categories!

Santa Box Santa Box v1.0

Celebrate this Christmas with Santa. The best block breaking game this Christmas.Break the block and make sure that Santa does not fall on the ground.

Santa Santa v2.0

A perfect game for Santa lovers

Unlimited Attraction Unlimited Attraction v1.0

Unlimited Attraction is an action game with a marine setting.
The aim of the game is to get the bonus (placed randomly in the scenario) with the highest number of creatures attached to the main character.
When the main character is close enough, the little fish are hooked to it and follows it.

Lime Lime v1.1

Lime 3D is a 3D maze game with elements of different games like sokoban, bolderdash, puzzle boy etc. Smooth gameplay, simple control, nice music. Just try and you'll like it. Lime 3D! and let the others wait!

Funny Fruit Funny Fruit v1.0

Help funny Fruit EAT!! Catch and Explode your way through amazing levels and add up all your points as you go. Very fun games will provide hours of fun!!

Egg Balance Egg Balance v1.7

Egg Balance is a simple and fun game where you balance eggs.

- Improved gameplay.

Spin The Fart Bottle Free Spin The Fart Bottle Free v1.0

The funniest party drinking game on the market! The famous spin the bottle party game, but a little bit different. This is the prank version with smooth graphics and a fart spinning sound. Play at party with your friends and watch their faces as the bottle spins and farts.

Torstan Defense Torstan Defense v1.0

Torstan Defense is a Puzzle Tower Defense with a game idea different from normal tower defense games.

Mad Squirrel Mad Squirrel v1.2

A Mad Adventure!
Help Mad, the Squirrel to fight against The Beaver and his crew to save Squirrel Land and put some peace in there!

Pizza Crazy Pizza Crazy v1.9.28

Love Pizza? Wanna try to slice them for fun? if so this game is for you.
Hate Pizza? Wanna destroy them all? If so this game is for you .
Let's being Crazy about Pizza!!!

Christ Jump! Christ Jump! v1.5

Hallelujah!Jump with Jesus Christ to the Heavens avoiding the devil! An entertaining doodle jump style game for both Christians and non Christians of all ages.

Xmas Loser Chooser Xmas Loser Chooser v1.2

Forget spoof, eenie-meenie, tossing a coin, picking the short straw - this Christmas Party edition of Loser Chooser makes the task quicker, easier, more fair and more fun. Loser Chooser Xmas selects a random player from amongst your selected friends for a forfeit or dare - it's the 21st century way to spin the bottle!

Room Escape - Doors Room Escape - Doors v1.0.0

Can you escape the room with multiple doors?

CineQuiz CineQuiz v1.6

A free quiz game with questions about cinema, films, actors, movie realisators.

OurMemory OurMemory v1.7

Our Memory can express everything(Funny photo, Greeting cards) without complex screen switching.

Magic Number Magic Number v1.0

Magic Number - in this game your brain will be working at full speed!

Stop Santa Stop Santa v11.0

Help stop the children of the world getting their Christmas presents. Use your snowballs to try and hit Santa's sleigh. But be careful, Santa loves his children so much that he's created an army of evil Snowmen and reindeer to deflect your snowballs.

In the game you must throw snowballs and stop Santa reaching his destination. Every time he or his Christmas army crosses the sky you lose points!