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Republica Dominicana Noticias Republica Dominicana Noticias v1.0

Noticias desde República Dominicana para tu Android.

JustReader JustReader v1.0.10

Read your favorite feeds anywhere you want!

Chinese Horoscope Chinese Horoscope v20110119.2

Daily fortunes from professional Astrology Consultant Master Edwin Ma.

Costa Rica Noticias Costa Rica Noticias v1.0

Noticias desde Costa Rica para tu Android.

And ILoveYou And ILoveYou v1.1

Send I Love You in a message to the one you love in 23 languages

Dschungel App Dschungel App v1.0.7

Bald startet das 5. Dschungelcamp. RTL zeigt erneut "Ich bin ein Star - holt mich hier raus" oder kurz ibeshmhr - IBES eben.

Die Dschungel App kennt alle Sendetermine der Show und hat eine Erinnerungsfunktion. Außerdem kann man für die Kandidaten abstimmen. In den ersten Tagen schickt man sie damit zur Dschungelprüfung, später wählt man sie zum Dschungelkönig.

Zudem werden Twitter Nachrichten zu den Hashtags #ibes und #dschungelcamp abgerufen.

Viel Spaß damit!

Calasdo Calasdo v1.1

Remember what you forgot...?
The ultimate shopping list (ad free)!

How To Kiss How To Kiss v1.0

Kissing on the lips is a physical expression of affection or love between two people. Sensations of touch, taste, and smell are involved during Kissing.

Confused? Nervous? Don't know how to react? Calm down. Here is a tips book for you!

Dice man Dice man v1.3

Is one day similar to another? Is life repeating? Become a Dice man and perform a random task each day to break old habits and find joy in life.

This early version contains a limited set of tasks to try out the concept. Please send feedback to encourage development.

Table Manner Table Manner v1.0

Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating, with the appropriate use of utensils. We will teach you how to behave well in dining time.

Qibla Compass Qibla Compass v4.0.2

Prayer times, distance and direction (pointed by the arrow) to Kaaba in Mecca. It takes the difference between magnetic and true north in consideration.

Hold phone on flat surface and away from ferrous metal objects and electromagnetic fields.

Select islamic league in app Settings.

Request new features here:

Thermo Thermo v3.7

Android Thermometer measure the room temperature.
After Install Thermo choose Menu > Calibration > and follow instructions.

JOIN TO FACEBOOK GROUP http://facebook.com/Tonee.org

Fun Quiz Fun Quiz v1.3

A Simple App for leisure.
You can understand more about yourself in personality, relationship matters. The quizzes will be continually updated online. Best for time-killing.

Horoscope 2011 Horoscope 2011 v1.0

Check your sign's Work & Career, Love & Relations, Money horoscope for 2011 today!

Hello, my name is... Hello, my name is... v1.3.1

This Application simply allows to build your own nameplate in seconds.

All In One News All In One News v1.0

Bookmarked a page of the newspaper without having to bother you can easily browse news.

bbc news, new york times, engadget, reuters, wall street journal, abc news, fox news, lemonde

AS Contact Sync for Android 2.x AS Contact Sync for Android 2.x v1.0-for-Android2.x

This app allows you to synchronize contacts across all of your mobile devices and personal computers.
For Android 2.x.
"A highly used tool. Now I know my contacts are safe, and available everywhere!"

Birthday Assistant Pro Birthday Assistant Pro v1.0.2

This is the paid version of Birthday Assistant.
In addition to "Birthday Assistant" features:
* Ads are removed. This version is ad free.
* Home screen widget is added.

Feel free to contact me at http://appsonfire.blogspot.com

LifeTracking LifeTracking v0.9

With LifeTracking you can track all aspects of your life.
* Intervals help you track when you start and stop various activities.
* Tracks help you track various values.
You can graph the data to see trends!

PLEASE let me know what features you want to see in the future versions and let me know if there are any problems.

Nederland Kranten Nederland Kranten v1.3.1

Lijst van de grote kranten Nederland, nieuws sites online. Vindt u nieuws van De Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad, Spits, De Pers, De Volkskrant, Het Parool, NRC Handelsblad, Nederlands Dagblad, DutchNews.nl, Nusport, Metro...