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Haberci Yazarlar Haberci Yazarlar v1.1

İsteğiniz üzerine hazırladığımız 'Haberci - Yazarlar' ile en güncel köşe yazısı ve makalelere 'haberci' sadelik ve hızıyla ulaşın. Sevdiğiniz yazarların yazılarını her an ve her yerde takip edin. Entegre Gazete ve Haber Kaynakları: Hürriyet, Milliyet, Zaman, Habertürk, Sabah, Radikal, Vatan, Taraf, Star, Yeni Şafak, Akşam.

Hava Durumu Hava Durumu v1.2

Türkçe ve Türkiye için geliştirdiğimiz anlık ve günlük hava durumu bilgilerine en kolay, sade ve pratik şekilde ulaşmanızı amaçlayan hava durumu uygulaması. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin, daha fazla kişiye ulaşmasına aracı olun.
Veri kaynağı: Google Services
AndroTurk (havadurumu@androturk.com)

Haberci Gündem Haberci Gündem v1.4

Güncel haberlere android hızı ve farkıyla ulaşın. Entegre Gazete ve Haber Kaynakları: Ntvmsnbc, Milliyet, Haberturk, Sabah, Zaman, Hurriyet, Mynet, Internethaber, CnnTurk, Haber7, Fanatik, Fotomaç, Takvim, Radikal, Samanyolu, Cumhuriyet, Star, Vatan, Taraf, Yeni Şafak, Ekolay, Gazeteport, Vakit, Birgün, Posta(...devamı var)

Haberci Galatasaray Haberci Galatasaray v1.4

Galatasaraylılara müjde... Tüm Galatasaray haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV, Google News, Facebook, Fikstür, Sonuçlar, Puan Durumu. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Galatasaraylı'ya ulaşmasına aracı olun.

Haberci Fenerbahçe Haberci Fenerbahçe v1.5

Fenerbahçelilere müjde... Tüm Fenerbahçe haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV, Antu.com, Fenerbahçe.org, Facebook, Google News, Fikstür, Sonuçlar. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Fenerbahçeli'ye ulaşmasına aracı olun.

Haberci Ekonomi Haberci Ekonomi v1.1

Tüm güncel ekonomi haberlerine android hızı ve farkıyla ulaşın. Entegre Gazete ve Haber Kaynakları: Para Garanti, NTVMSNBC, BigPara, IMKB, TRT Ekonomi, Milliyet, Hürriyet, Sabah, Zaman, CnnTurk, Borsa Gündem, Mynet Finans ..(devamı gelecek)

Haberci Beşiktaş Haberci Beşiktaş v1.4

Beşiktaşlılara müjde... Tüm Beşiktaş haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV, Karakartal.com, Google News, Facebook, Fikstür, Sonuçlar. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Beşiktaşlı'ya ulaşmasına aracı olun.

Analog Clock Collection Analog Clock Collection v2.4

Analog Clock Collection is desktop widget that comes with more then 32 different analog clocks from which you can choose your favorite one

All clocks are 2x2 size

To Insert a widget, long-press in an empty area on the home screen select 'Widgets', then 'Analog Clock Collection'

Tasbee Counter Tasbee Counter v10.0

Its a simple Tasbee Counter which will help you keep track of your tasbee count. Big buttons and vibrate helps in updating the counter without looking at screen. Also It remembers where you stoped last time even if you close the app. Also check out the Tasbee Pro App

TGI Black Friday TGI Black Friday v1.0.0

Use this app to plan your holiday shopping weeks before Black Friday ads are available in the newspaper.

ARTags ARTags v1.0.5

How the world can become your gallery.
ARTags is the first application that lets you draw wherever and whenever you want leaving your mark in augmented reality.
You can express your skills on your own mobile phone. Once your "tag" is completed you can drop it in one of our AR Browsers and leave your mark.

Calasdo Calasdo v1.10

Remember what you forgot...?
The ultimate shopping list!

Quick Battery Quick Battery v0.8.2

Quick Battery Widget

Tarot of Marseille Lite Tarot of Marseille Lite v1.1

Control your future! With Tarot of Marseille, you have access to *one* drawing method to learn everything in a few finger pressures: you are holding the cards of your future...

Horoscope Horoscope v2.0.3

The official Horoscope from horoscope.fr now available on your Android phone! 100% FREE, 100% PRO !

Check your complete horoscopes for today, tomorrow and keep an eye on your horoscope of the week, your monthly horoscope and your yearly horoscope written by our best, most serious and experienced astrologers.

The horoscope texts are updated every day in real time, and you can consult them at any time without any limitations !

Smart CookBook LITE Smart CookBook LITE v1.16

Handy to use recipe app. Find relevant recipes! Track your kitchen ingredients and get recipes which you can cook at the moment! Recipe list is sorted by missed (in your kitchen) ingr. count. Get missed ingrs. for each recipe. Calc ingr. amounts for any serves number. Several thousands recipes and ~10 food categories here.

HowTall HowTall v3.0

New version:
Support Android 2.2!!!

My Numbers My Numbers v22.0.0

If you like numerology, you probably would like this App, with My Numbers it's pretty simple for you to know your Path Live Number and your Love Attitude Number, both are based on numerology, you will find useful information about your numbers.

KissDroid KissDroid v6.0

New Features in this version :

Support app2sd
Bugs fixed

Chinese Food Chinese Food v1.0.0

明 World-renowned Chinese cuisine, the Asian Games torch relay in Guangzhou. Occasion of the opening in the Asian Games, the world's international friends gathered in Guangzhou. That Chinese cuisine in the eyes of foreigners have what? What they like Chinese food? Asian Food Fair is a collection based on supply and foreign friends of the 32 foreigners favorite dishes and snacks. In this software you can not only within the Browse these dishes, you can also learn method of making these dishes, a step map, illustrated, easy to understand. But also the collection of their favorite dishes together, or by keyword search, convenient and quick.