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LekkerDoen LekkerDoen v1.0

Dirk - Bas - Digros

I Go Shop I Go Shop v1.1.1

I Go Shop is a fast and very simple way to handle your shopping list.

I Go Shop lite I Go Shop lite v1.1.1

I Go Shop is a fast and very simple way to handle your shopping list.

Your Barbeque Your Barbeque v1.3

Best app for storing all your barbeque recipes, family traditions and your own inventions.
Have fun!

Car Inspector Car Inspector v1.2.2

Car Specifications of 60 Manufacturers. Years between 2002 - 2009 available.

Upcoming features:
- Car pictures
- Old models
- More manufacturers

Last chance Last chance v1.7

Last chance allows you to define phone numbers to notify through SMS that you are running out of battery.

Hello Baby Hello Baby v1.2

Are you expecting a newborn? Do you count the days until birth? Hello Baby will follow you on the way and shows the remaining time until the most beautiful moment of your life. Hello Baby will tell you when your child will arrive. Girls and boys are supported

v1.2 Bug fixes

Lịch Việt Lịch Việt v1.4.6

Lunar Calendar for Vietnamese

Ứng dụng đơn giản dùng để xem lịch dùng cho người Việt.

Chức năng:
* Xem theo ngày
* Xem theo tháng
* Widget ngày/tháng
* Chọn ngày Âm - Dương
* Thêm sự kiện (tích hợp với Calendar có sẵn của hệ thống)

Random Quote Random Quote v1.4.6

Fetch as many random Quotes from Internet as You wish!!!

● simple swipe UI
● share Quotes via email, text message
● copy Quotes to clipboard
● keep favorite Quotes
● read Wiki about any author

Kitchen Calculator Kitchen Calculator v1.1

KitchenCalc: elegant, simple.

The recipe feeds four, and takes 1/2 teaspoon of salt, but you have ten people coming! KitchenCalc can tell you just how much to use in a few quick touches.

Illusions Illusions v1.0.1.16

Amazing collections of optical illusions.

Biorhythmus Biorhythmus v20100329

calculate yout biologic rhythmus with this tool

WootWatcher WootWatcher v4.02

A Free Woot.com Watcher for Woot-Offs and Daily Woots at Woot.com, Shirt.Woot.com, Kids.Woot.com, Wine.Woot.com, Home.Woot.com, and Sellout.Woot.com.

Guanyin Divination Guanyin Divination v1.2

Guan Yin is the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva of Buddhism, People have become superstitious over Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Guan Yin does provide divination and teaches people to the masses,to liberate people, either through words or actions.

Advanced Tip Calculator Advanced Tip Calculator v1.0.1

Advanced Tip Calculator is a free app to make the tip calculation easy. In addition to tip splitting and rounding features that many other tip calculators have, it also has saving as history and email feature, making it a perfect app to keep track of all dinning expenses. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

Dog Whistle Dog Whistle v2.0

Want to train your little puppies? Want to tease your neighbors' dogs? Or simply want to scare away the fierce ones? Dog Whistle is born to cater for such needs.

LED Scroller 3 LED Scroller 3 v3.4

LED Scroller - the scroller that actually LOOKS like a LED display!

Krishnashtakam Krishnashtakam v1.0.7

Krishnashtakam is the octet composed by Mahaprabhu Sri Vallabhacharya (1479-1531) in Sanskrit to depict the eternal love of Sri Radha and Lord Sri Krishna. We have provided English translation along with original Sanskrit in this application.
Use gestures for navigation.
New version : Bug fixes, Ability to install on SD Card

Taisin Divination Taisin Divination v1.3

HongTaiSin is a supernatural power, after he became an immortal. Hongtaisin is a well-known fairy good cabinet. Whatever they ask of the gods. he left for future generations to sign for divination purposes, are especially efficacious sign, if you believe it, it will become true.

Dildroid Dildroid v1.0.3

Hail to the Dildroid! You can use it to get nice little massage from your phone. You can also send Dildro-sms to your friend which will activate the massage you picked for them.