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BalanceGame BalanceGame v1.01


Balance is a 2D casual mobile game utilizing gyroscope functionality. The objective of the game is to relax and enjoy. Meanwhile, the player can also focus on maneuvering his/hers mobile device to collect points and go through over two hundred uniquely designed levels with different difficulty. We actually dare you to complete the last one.

Challenge accepted??? ;-)

Better Toss Better Toss v1.0

Toss balls into baskets with full, realistic control!

Plop!Flop! Plop!Flop! v1.0

Plop! Flop! - A new colorful game in which you must pass 100 levels. The game is a great way spend your free time!

Basketball Ed Open office Basketball Ed Open office v2.8

Basketball Ed has found his way to an open office in a major company.
The office features a fully decorated office as you would expect it.
The nerds have access to coffee machines and soda machines.
These machines can sometimes block a well placed shot.
Each level contains of 4 stages where more and more geeks need to be hit with the basketballs.
In each stage Ed will get 5 basketballs to throw. So aim carefully.

Monsters And Dungeons Monsters And Dungeons v1.0.1

Addictive and FREE match-3 puzzle gameplay with classic monster-collecting RPG fun!

Kiti Cat Kiti Cat v1.2

A UNIQUE physics based FUN game in a crazy world with a cute cat on his ball!

Soccer KnockDown Soccer KnockDown v1.0.1

Knock out all images from the screen with your trusty slingshot and soccer balls.

Santa's Christmas Eve Santa's Christmas Eve v1.0

Help Santa Fill his sac with gifts this Christmas eve by playing this game

ColorGate ColorGate v1.2

Simple and funny matching game.

Rolling Furious Ball Rolling Furious Ball v1.1

Rolling Furious Ball is ball rolling game. It is simple level based and ball game. In the rolling ball game you have to roll the ball on selected area which is denoted by green bars in the game and you can roll the ball by tap on the screen.

Shape Addict Shape Addict v1.0.6

Tap the Shapes in a zone of the same color to proceed in this unique game providing you with a beautiful cartoon design and unlimited source of fun thanks to constantly increasing number of available levels.

Pong! Extreme Pong! Extreme v1.01a

Behold the latest and greatest Ping Pong game to be ever released! Challenge your friends to an intense game of Pong with over 3 levels of difficulty to select from. Featuring stunning retro 8-bit graphics that brings your gaming experience to a whole new level!
Play a 30 seconds match of Ping Pong with your friends to find out who deserves the title of the Ping Pong master.
No lives or ball limit, just 30 seconds of Ping Pong action.

Double Jump! Double Jump! v1.1.0

Double the jump, double the fun, add falling blocks and triple the challenge!

Kawaii Mania Kawaii Mania v1.2.8

Meet the adorable Kawaiis and solve tons of puzzle grids!

Dont Touch the Branches Dont Touch the Branches v1.0.7

Drift and float your way down the tree of infinity

Launch It Launch It v2.0

Get as far as you can!!.

Pop Fishes Pop Fishes v1.01

Pop Fishes >>> Original, fun and cute ;) Try it !!!

Mountain Climb Rally Mountain Climb Rally v1.1

Mountain Climb Rally is best 2D Adventure Game for entertainment, with different 2D Mountain maps.

Cats Revenge Cats Revenge v11.3

Cats Revenge is a free action game where you have to help the cats to take revenge on birds. To win a level, you have to kill all birds from tree.

Dogs Hit Dogs Hit v1.0

Fun for all the family!