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Frogup Frogup v1.5.4

Jump from one platform to another and beat the highscores of your friends!

Star Reaper Star Reaper v1.0.0.3

In a very distant future the humans found themselves in a tough position. Greatly behind in exotic matter they can't stand a chance against the opposing factions and risk extermination.
Take control of our Devourers and help humanity gather the important resource directly out of comets!
* accuracy is everything, you miss it - you lose it
* be fast, slow aims hurt your score greatly
* many ways of passing a level, you'll be surprised with what works
* easy to learn, hard to master

SmashBall3D SmashBall3D v1

Come fly ball hit by tennis racket.

include variety block set.

easy physics game.

Dodgeball Dodgeball v3.0

Dodge the balls avoiding them touch you ussing the acc for move and survives!

Eggs Jump! Eggs Jump! v1.1

"Eggs jump" is a very interesting casual puzzle game.
Find the correct opportunity, anywhere on the screen with a finger click, the egg will jump.
If it falls on the basket above, the score will increase.
If the egg does not fall into the basket, it'll be broken.
Until all eggs break, the game is over.

BallRush BallRush v1.1.1

World's first physical runner!

Candy Balls Candy Balls v1.1

Candy Balls is a fun packed game with 20 levels ranging from easy to hard.
Goal of the game is to put all the Balls in Bowls.

Arrow Arrow v1.0

it is a simple game where you have to pop balloons using the arrow.

Sloppy Jaybird Sloppy Jaybird v1.0

Explore this colourful world and escort this bird to find its destiny in this endless world.

Atomic Cookie Atomic Cookie v1.1

Control the cutest cookie ever and take him above the clouds!

InCells InCells v0.2

Sort the bubbles in only 30s using your finger to create cells.

Mech-A-Pult Mech-A-Pult v1.0.5

Mech-A-Pult, the old school cannon launcher game with a modernized overhaul! Launch a robot down an endless path while making him look absolutely ridiculous and hilarious!

Monkey Battle Free Monkey Battle Free v2.0

Throw exploding bananas (and other stuff!) in a battle to defeat your enemy monkey in an ever changing city.

Break Many Bricks Break Many Bricks v1

Break Many Bricks is a Free , Colourful and fun brick breaking game .

Rubeum - Free physics ball games Rubeum - Free physics ball games v1.1

Get the red ball/balls to the "goal" as fast as you can by using touch or tilt.
60 levels (more coming soon)

Falldown HD Falldown HD v1.1

Easy to play and really entertaining, Falldown is a fast-paced game where only speed and reflexes matters.

HeroBall HeroBall v1.0

HeroBall needs your help! Throw, shoot, climb, break… catch the turbo!

SpiderMonkeyy SpiderMonkeyy v1.0

A fun game using 2d physics to jump from a building to another. Pick stars and others stuff, and don't forget to complete the level in the time ! Be careful of missils, and use planes to move faster... You even can do much more... Ready to go ? ;)

Gravity Flipper Gravity Flipper v1.07

A very hard and addicting game where you flip gravity and try to survive.

GravityBox GravityBox v1.0

Gravity box is new, fun and addictive. Play it now.