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Tilt-A-Cube: Origins Tilt-A-Cube: Origins v1.14

A 6-sided Cube with “Labrynth-like” puzzles on each side...

Labyrinth Adventures Labyrinth Adventures v1.0.5.1

Maze with multiple game modes, good graphics and physics.

Gravity Ring Gravity Ring v1.1.0

It's pinball in space. It's pool in a gravitational anomaly. It's Gravity Ring.

Collect the red, blue and green orb with a single shot in the given amount of time.
Slide with your finger horizontally to change the angle and vertically to change force of your trajectory.
Hit the gravity core (center of the gravity ring) when ready!

Get ready to have your mind blown in 150 levels across 5 episodes.

Railway Bridge Free Railway Bridge Free v1.2.33

Game type of bridge construction with cool game physics.

Chamber of Concordance Chamber of Concordance v2

A minimalist reflection based ball game…

Builder Ball Builder Ball v2.1

Hurry up and build the missing puzzle pieces in the path to roll the ball !

ApocalHex ApocalHex v2.0

ApocalHex is a puzzle game that defies the laws of physics!

Aquatic Rescue Aquatic Rescue v1.0.0

Rescue the crabs, shells, fishes and octopuses from their bubble traps. Be clever!

RollingMaze RollingMaze v1.1

A puzzle game in which u have to rotate the maze for a ball to reach its goal.

Pogz pinball Pogz pinball v1

With "live physics" you must use all elements to complete the levels.

GravityJar GravityJar v1.1.3

In Gravity Jar you must help Norman, a cute alien, to get back home after he accidentally beamed himself in a galaxy far away. With the help of his gravity jar (hence the name), he can convert specific elements into the energy it needs to get back home.
The gameplay is simple, when you recognize 2 or more identical elements next to each other you must tap on them to release the energy. The faster you tap the better, since these elements have a short half-time.

Jellyflop Jellyflop v1.1.7

Can Jellyfish fly? Well, sort of...

ChickQuick Free ChickQuick Free v1.4

Hey there strike us with our coloured striker make us vanish

BallBlenderFun BallBlenderFun v1.0.1


Kitty Grind Kitty Grind v1.1

Shoot the cannon at the cats and knock them into the gears.

Woodlice Woodlice v1.0

Compatible with any screen size and with NO LOADING TIMES, Woodlice offers 58 levels and an amazing prize if you manage to overcome them.

Woodlice Free Woodlice Free v1.1

Free version of Woodlice. Compatible with any screen size and with NO LOADING TIMES.

Rollipop Rollipop v1.22

Rollipop is a fun, unique, casual addictive physics-based bubble popping puzzle game.

Transblockies Transblockies v1.0.0

Transform your shapes so that you eliminate all the purple baddies.

Christmas Tree: Defy Gravity! Christmas Tree: Defy Gravity! v0.3

Decorate your Christmas tree is challenging task!