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Cut-it Cut-it v0.24

Slice the blocks, extract the energy in this fun, brain-teasing, physics puzzle game

Greedy Bot Greedy Bot v0.9.1

Help Bob to fill his chest with gold coins by solving various puzzles.

Get rid of Red Get rid of Red v1.0

A challenging puzzle game with innovative swap mechanics.

Destruction of Light Destruction of Light v1.5.f6

Game with interesting physics. Feel the complexity of the cosmos!

FrogBox FrogBox v1.4

Remove yellow and green platforms to get your frog onto a red platform.

Pet Trio I Pet Trio I v1.1

Physic Puzzle with Psychic Cat?,Telekinesis Pug and a Genius Hamster

Rescue Animals Rescue Animals v1.0

Zoo animals (elephant, zebra, lion,giraffe) need your help. While trying to explore the world, they were endangered and escaped to high wooden towers. Now they need your help to get them down from their high hidings.

Smirkers Smirkers v1.1.0.8

The smirkers are moody creatures. Your objective: Keep them happy!

Catcha Boo Catcha Boo v1.0.6

A New Taste of 3 Match Puzzle Game. Play Various Level and ColorFull Boo Balls.

Witch the Reaper Witch the Reaper v1.7

You are a sadistic witch and you need to slice and dice 3 types of ghosts to get their souls.

Ugly Puklins Ugly Puklins v1.0

Flick your ugly little Puklins across hazard-laden arenas and get them to their gooey target! Progress through ever-more-challenging levels in the quest to gain the ultimate high score in this crazy endless flicker!

Construction Crew Construction Crew v1.5

Be the leader of a construction crew, steer 13 vehicles and master 120+ levels.

Candy Beat Candy Beat v1.05

A very attractive and sweet game is presented - Candy Beat. Imagine you are in a battle where you have to overcome the challenge of bulk funny candy to be the king of candy world.

Release Funny Aliens Release Funny Aliens v1.0

Destroy the obstacles, avoid the grinders, and release the funny aliens!

Renabomb Vengeance Renabomb Vengeance v1.8

Renabomb's pixelized school is invaded by cute zombie monsters. Blast them all! Original physic/action gameplay!

Buildings Demolition Buildings Demolition v1.09

Blow it!

BuildItUp BuildItUp v1.7

Build up structures from blocks using crane, and much more in this puzzle game

Boom Land Free Boom Land Free v1.2

Blow up and have fun it's easy.

Pets Swap Pets Swap v1.0.0

Swap the cute cats and the evil dogs.

eggJump eggJump vv0.0.1

Egg Jump is a puzzle and adventure game with a jump-style.
The Egg which in the hatch time careless fall down to the earth. For together with its family, just jump with your finger to bring the cute Egg to the amazing back home journey!