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L.I.D L.I.D v1.5

a boy goes to sleep and gets caught in his own dream, and the only way to wake up from this dream is to collect all the clocks it finds more the mission will not be easy to do so he must face many challenges.

Wild Adventure Wild Adventure v2.1

Wild Adventures is a fun action game suitable for everyone to play and enjoy. Your goal is to avoid enemies and obstacles along the way and at the same time collecting all the coins in each level before reaching the destination.

Monkey Clash Saga Monkey Clash Saga v1.00.08

Action Platformer Game to enjoy an excellent control feeling!
Monkey Clash Saga!

MagicBounce MagicBounce v1.0

MagicBounce is a magic ball, your goal is to grab the key and exit the level .

There are 10 levels when someone has passed the 10 levels 'll put an update with more levels .

Enjoy this awesome game.

To control the ball left and right

ParkurCrazyBackflipJump ParkurCrazyBackflipJump v1.0

Brave enough to take this high air dangerous first person view (fps) parkour speed run game? It is very cool with camera like mirror edge but in more straightforward way to play!

Run Dog Run Dog vadmob

Run dog is 2D side scrolling endless running game.

Goodbye Aliens Action Goodbye Aliens Action v1.96

Are you ready big action platform? Lets go! Save the world !

Where's My Egg? Where's My Egg? v1.2.1

Help Mr. Penguin by guiding him with his egg to Ms. Penguin.

Snowman Game Free Snowman Game Free v1.2

Help snowman collect presents and land home happily. Tilt your mobile device to move the snowman.

GravityDash GravityDash v1.0.2


Under the Deep Under the Deep v1.0.0

Under the Deep is a platform game based in a cave world under the sea

Tizzy vs the Aliens Tizzy vs the Aliens v1.0

Help Tizzy the egg shaped hero escape from the alien spaceship

Super Stick Boy Super Stick Boy v1.0

Exciting Infinite Runner Game!
Run, jump, and hang on to get as far as you can!

SteamPunk Robot: Alien War SteamPunk Robot: Alien War v2.1

SteamPunk Robot : Alien War a fun platform jump and run game with Steampunk graphics

Evolution Dash Evolution Dash v1.2

Swim, fly, run & jump though all stages of evolution!

Dead Bull Free Falling Dead Bull Free Falling v1.1

In Dead Bull Free Falling you have to get the maximum distance in free falling.

Battle Maiden Yuko Runner Battle Maiden Yuko Runner v2.0

Once upon a time there was a tough girl named Yuko. She adventures far and wide with her sword. Help Yuko return peace to the lands.

Dino Run Dino Run v1.0

He needs your help to reach the exit!

Willy Play Willy Play v1.4

You have to jump between different platforms to pick up your food, watch out! do not fall.

Flobeey Flobeey v1.0.9

Flobeey dobeey doo!

Flobeey is a nice and addictive game for all ages, with the following features:
- Easy to play ... tapping on the screen will be enough.
- It's totally free ... you don't have to buy anything.
- With cool ranks to compare yourself with your friends.