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Blogaway Blogaway v2.3

A simple blogger client that lets you blog on the go. Upload photos, tag your posts, geo-tag your posts. Multiple account support enables you to create and maintain as many blogs as you want.

SECuRET LiveStream SECuRET LiveStream v1.10.2

Stream video and audio from your Android device’s camera directly across your Wi-Fi network in real-time, to be viewed and remotely controlled in a web browser or on another Android device. Can be used to spy on people, a serious surveillance device or just for fun!

Ukrainian Keyboard Ukrainian Keyboard v1.0.6


Android Ukrainian Keyboard provides keyboard to operate with Android OS in Ukrainian. Software keyboards on mobile phones are a huge issue when you talk about the usability of the product. Frequently you need to provide a message or create a document in your native language. Since default Android keyboard does not provide such ability, Android Ukrainian Keyboard will help you to satisfy all your needs.

MemoryUp Personal MemoryUp Personal v3.5.0

MemoryUp Personal is the lite edition of MemoryUp Pro. This handy Free RAM Booster takes a one-click approach. It makes more free memory available for your mobile system, accelerates memory responsiveness, and keeps your smartphone running fast and smoothly. All by one simple click. At the mean time, MemoryUp Personal is also a free smartphone software and one of the best free Android applications on SlideME, AndAppStore, Handango, MobiHand, and CNET Download.

Status Reminder Status Reminder v2.1.2

Note a short text in Android's statusbar.

- Very lightweight!
- Fast and reliable!

SeePU SeePU v0.5beta

SeePU shows the current CPU utilization and available RAM in the notification area.

Frequency Analyzer Frequency Analyzer v4.0

* Displays the Fundamental, First Harmonic and Second Harmonic frequencies of sound in real time.

* Sampling Frequency selectable.

* save fundamental frequency as an excel sheet

* Displays plot of frequency spectrum in real time

Network Widget Network Widget v0.18

Simple widget to know active network infos and to switch wifi on/off.
Is your device on wifi or data plan mode?
What is current IP address?

ApCat ApCat v1.36

ApCat helps categorizing applications in Android, providing the ability to assign each application into custom categories.

MyCalls MyCalls vMyCalls4.0

“MyCalls” helps you monitor your phone usage for voice, data and SMS.

JuicePlotter JuicePlotter v1.1.5

JuicePlotter is a battery usage graph that combines full at-a-glance information about your battery consumption with sheer beauty.

UnlockPattern Toggle UnlockPattern Toggle v1.0.1

UnlockPattern Toggle is a simple beautiful widget (1×1), that allows you enable or disable your Unlock Pattern Screen using one tap.

APKoptic APKoptic v1.0

APKoptic is an application manager that enables you to launch or uninstall applications. You can also create a backup of the application on SD card as well as restore or install the APK from SD card.

Partial Search Partial Search v1.0

With Partial Search(PS) you can search for names, numbers and emails...partially Uploader Uploader v1.0.1

Fun and easy photo uploading for

SPL Meter Full Version SPL Meter Full Version v2.1

* Professional Edition.
* displays SPL in db SPL.
* displays SPL in A weighted db (A).
* displays SPL in C weighted db (C).
* displays max value.
* SLOW and FAST Modes
* logs db SPL, db(A) and db(C) separately into excel sheet.
* Calibration Option for both fast and slow mode.
* Easy to Use

SPL Meter FREE SPL Meter FREE v3.4

Android Sound Pressure Level Meter using the phone microphone.

•Displays the sound pressure level meter in SPL db
•Displays Maximum SPL value.
•Logs SPL value to an excel sheet.
•Two Modes : FAST and SLOW
•Calibration for both Fast and Slow modes
.Help option on how to use the app
.keeps screen on while app runs

WiFi Toggle WiFi Toggle v1.0.2

WiFi Toggle is a simple beautiful widget (1×1), that allows you enable or disable your WiFi using one tap.

LVH LVH v5.0.1


Press MENU at the Main version page for extra settings (see screenshot for more info)

Problem/bug? Please e-mail me!

DOES NOT work on all android phones. See website.

You've got shopping+ You've got shopping+ v1.1.10

The ONLY shopping application that can receive email with grocery items from anywhere.
Once the shopping list is received and accepted by the application, you will be notified with customizable notification in your standard notification area.