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Cutting It Out: How to Get on the Waterwagon and Stay There Cutting It Out: How to Get on the Waterwagon and Stay There v1.0

FIRST off, let me state the object of the meeting: This is to be a record.

Daisy Miller: Original Version Daisy Miller: Original Version v1.0

A beautiful American girl, Daisy Miller, is pursued by the sophisticated Winterbourne.

Damaged Damaged v2.0

Phlip Arima is one of Toronto's most popular performance poets.

Dance Hall Road Dance Hall Road v2.0

Mid-August and two boys lie on the abandoned ski jump in Minnow Lake.

Daniel Deronda Daniel Deronda v1.0

Daniel Deronda meets the beautiful, extravagant Gwendolen in Germany.

Darkness and Dawn Darkness and Dawn v1.0

Darkness and Dawn is a science fiction trilogy by George Allan England.

Darwins Nightmare Darwins Nightmare v1.0

Few people knew who he was and even less knew how to f

David Copperfield David Copperfield v1.0

David Copperfield is considered to be Charles Dickens's most autobiographical novel.

David Copperfield David Copperfield v1.0

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
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DDch01 DDch01 v1.0.0

Delicious and Desire - Chapter 1. Includes 11000+ word story and over 50 hi-res images. Recommended screen size; 800x480

Dead and Gone Dead and Gone v1.0

The rain-soaked streets of Napua on Hawaii's island of Elima are a far cry from a battlefield.

Dead Before a Rival Dead Before a Rival v1.0

It's a beautiful day in Hawaii. Kay Yoshinobu and Sid Chu have been invited for a day trip.

Dead Like Her Dead Like Her v1.0

Sex, drugs - and Marilyn Monroe・A potentially lethal combination. It seems like a straightforward case for newly promoted DCI Paul ...

Dead Souls Dead Souls v1.0

Dead Souls is a socially critical black comedy.

Dear Diary, I'm in Love Dear Diary, I'm in Love v1.0

June 1I doubt that I would be starting this diary if it weren't for laptops.

Death - and After? Death - and After? v1.0

Death consists in a repeated process of unrobing, or unsheathing.

Death and Near Death Death and Near Death v1.0

When the local mission's Father Duffy shows up at the office of Smith, Chu, Yoshinobu and Correa.

Death in Living Gray Death in Living Gray v1.0

Prudence Abernathy left her job in a California art gallery to marry a young army captain.

Death of WCW, The Death of WCW, The v1.0

What went wrong with WCW?In 1997, World Championship Wrestling was on top.

Death Wears a White Gardenia Death Wears a White Gardenia v1.0

Zelda Popkin solves her intriguing mystery with a female detective named Mary Carner.