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The Shasta Gate The Shasta Gate v1.0

Mythic in scale though decidedly contemporary in tone, The Shasta Gate has all the ingredients.

The Second Oswald The Second Oswald v1.0

Who killed Kennedy? Many keen minds have their doubts about the findings of the Warren Commission.

The Gaudy Place The Gaudy Place v1.0

Violence and sex in a small Southern city. Arkie, Clemmie, Oxie, and Johns are linked by a schoolboy.

The Digital Dream The Digital Dream v1.0

The Time?The future. Hours, days, weeks, months. A couple of years, maybe. The Place?

The China Card The China Card v1.0

In this far-seeing novel, the nations of the near future come to 1984?

The Boy Who Said No The Boy Who Said No v1.0

The Boy Who Said No is first and foremost a story of people and their travails.

The Basketball Expatriate The Basketball Expatriate v1.0

When is a story about a basketball player not even about basketball?

Tempus Fugit Tempus Fugit v1.0

Trapped in a white Ford Cortina with Sir Julian Gaylord Duckworth aka the Duck.

Taken! Taken! v1.0

So, what if you're Jonathan Prophet, a widower, a father (three beautiful girls, including 8-year-old twins), and a deputy sheriff in Vidalia County, Georgia.

Stengrow's Dad Stengrow's Dad v1.0

Stengrow on his journey in search of his One True Dad, meets and falls in love with the beautiful Daphne.

Space Rescue One Space Rescue One v1.0

When disasters strike ships in space, only three ships stand ready to answer the call in in our solar system.

Someone To Crawl Back To Someone To Crawl Back To v1.0

Someone To Crawl Back To is a novel-in-stories, a collection of hearts in search of what they have always wanted or what they have eternally lost.

Sick and Full of Burning Sick and Full of Burning v1.0

Is there any hope for a hypereducated thirty-year-old med student.

Safe Passage Safe Passage v1.0

Bache gives us an American family richly created and lovingly depicted.

Rust Bucket Rust Bucket v1.0

Rust Bucket is the first in The Rust Bucket Universe series from Boson Books.

Poisonous Kiss Poisonous Kiss v1.0

The story of the cop was a made-for-tabloid tragedy.

Painting Trees Painting Trees v1.0

With quiet surety, Naomi Myles cultivates a contemplative wordscape.

Our Fathers Our Fathers v1.0

When Matt Carlsberg is found dead in a cottage on Connor Beach, the police must find not only who killed him, but why.

Now Mourn the Space Cadet Now Mourn the Space Cadet v1.0

Now Mourn the Space Cadet is the second in a series set in Connor Beach.

Necessary Evils Necessary Evils v1.0

In Necessary Evils, Hal, an L. A. cop driven to avenge the murder of his three partners, himself blindfolded.