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Practical Mental Influence Practical Mental Influence v1.0

Students of history find a continuous chain of reference to the mysterious influence of one human mind over that of others.

Paravoid Paravoid v1.0

Imagination is man's most fearsome weapon.

Obit Obit v1.0

Declan Burke fled Ireland forty years ago and never looked back. Now settled in New York.

No Time for Death No Time for Death v1.0

Hawaii is a paradise, especially for real estate salesmen. But Ron Crockett, recently arrived from the mainland.

Murder at Milltown Junior College Murder at Milltown Junior College v1.0

John A. Broussard's Murder at Milltown Junior College is packed to the last page with murder.

Mopping Tall!: The Hubby's Guide to Housework and Other Dangerous Jobs Mopping Tall!: The Hubby's Guide to Housework and Other Dangerous Jobs v1.0

Have you been dissed by dust? Does the thought of cooking dinner turn your stomach.

Metamorphoses Metamorphoses v1.0

A cycle of thirteen episodes told in Story Theater form, a narrator speaking and life-sized puppets performing simultaneously.

Mayhem, Mystery and Murder Mayhem, Mystery and Murder v1.0

Back when I was a kid growing up in South Chicago, I never dreamed that having a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother would turn out to be an asset.

Mana Mana v1.0

The setting is the Big Island of Hawaii. With its active volcano and its frequent earthquakes, it has long been the subject of Polynesian legends.

Making of the Potterverse, The Making of the Potterverse, The v1.0

Over the past decade, the magic of J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series has spread across the globe.

Lovell's Prize Lovell's Prize v1.0

US Deputy Marshal Don Lovell works the Indian Territory "on the scout" out of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Letterati Letterati v1.0

Letterati spans the history of competitive Scrabble&reg.

Let Them Eat Flax! Let Them Eat Flax! v1.0

Do you know if your waiter sings in the bathroom?

It Is Time, Lord It Is Time, Lord v1.0

James Christopher?book editor, husband, and father of two?is headed for trouble.

Intimate Strangers Affair Intimate Strangers Affair v1.0

Dark gray clouds had swallowed the rising sun, dawn outlining their ominous shapes in gold.

Initiative Psychic Energy Initiative Psychic Energy v1.0

Are you an unusually persevering and persistent person? Or, like most of us, do you sometimes find it difficult to stick to the job until it is done?

In Tongues of the Dead In Tongues of the Dead v1.0

In the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University there lies a 400-year-old document.

I Love You Book I Love You Book v1.0

Celebrates all that we love about physical books and how they encourage imagination and closeness between children and their fami...

How To Generate Values in Young Children How To Generate Values in Young Children v1.0

This book is directed to the parents, teachers, and counselors of preschool children.

Future Tense Future Tense v1.0

Future Tense is the sequel to Tempus Fugit. It picks up exactly where the first book leaves off.