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The Yoshinobu Mysteries: Volume 2 The Yoshinobu Mysteries: Volume 2 v1.0

The setting is mainly Elima, a composite of the Hawaiian Islands.

The Yoshinobu Mysteries: Volume 1, The First 4 Novels The Yoshinobu Mysteries: Volume 1, The First 4 Novels v1.0

Elima?imaginary Elima. It is one of the Neighbor Islands.

Let Them Eat Flax! Let Them Eat Flax! v1.0

Do you know if your waiter sings in the bathroom?

Wild Thing Wild Thing v1.0

When Eddie receives an early morning call for help, he catches the next plane to Britain.

Apostrophe Apostrophe v1.0

you are entirely happy with your poem / you are not happy then there is no charge.

Break Point Break Point v1.0

Groomed since the age of eight by his obsessive father Vince Spadea.

Drawing Dead Drawing Dead v1.0

Jake Morgan just can&rsqou;t seem to win.

Obit Obit v1.0

Declan Burke fled Ireland forty years ago and never looked back. Now settled in New York.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere v1.0

The joke? Toronto thinks its the centre of some multicultural universe.

Making of the Potterverse, The Making of the Potterverse, The v1.0

Over the past decade, the magic of J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series has spread across the globe.

From the Flight Deck From the Flight Deck v1.0

Imagine youre sitting next to a pilot on a flight and hes eager to answer all those nagging questions.

Ruby Tuesday Ruby Tuesday v1.0

Paul Menzies is an outofshape, middleaged advertising executive.

Finding Lost - Season Three Finding Lost - Season Three v1.0

Lost, the Golden Globe and Emmy Awardwinning hit television show, has become renowned.

Saving the World Saving the World v1.0

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.rdquo; With that immediately memorable mantra.

Barrington Street Blues Barrington Street Blues v1.0

A rich man and a poor man are found dead of gunshot wounds outside a seedy bar.

Letterati Letterati v1.0

Letterati spans the history of competitive Scrabble&reg.

In Tongues of the Dead In Tongues of the Dead v1.0

In the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University there lies a 400-year-old document.

Darwins Nightmare Darwins Nightmare v1.0

Few people knew who he was and even less knew how to f

Tainted Tainted v1.0

In an affluent city perched on Ontarios Niagara Escarpment, residents begin turning up.

Cecilian Vespers Cecilian Vespers v1.0

Lawyer and bluesman Monty Collins is used to defending murderers.