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Saraiva Reader Saraiva Reader v4.1.2

Saraiva Reader is one of the most downloaded ereading app in Brazil.
Currently, there are more than 250,000 international titles and 12,000 titles in Portuguese, 200 of which, completely free. All titles are available at Saraiva's website, where you can download free samples before purchasing. Download the app for free, and enjoy the best experience reading your favorite ebooks, with all the comfort and wherever you are.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Romance of the Three Kingdoms v1.0.6

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, written by Luo Guanzhong in the 14th century,[1] is a historical novel set amidst the turbulent years near the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history, starting in 169 and ending with the reunification of the land in 280.

Romance Books Library Romance Books Library v1.0

Download free application with the beautiful romantic novel collection and enjoy reading the best romance novels of all times.

Reggae Radio Reggae Radio v1.0

Listen to your favorite Reggae music radio station everywhere!

Listen to Reggae Music Radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

Wherever you go, take the best Reggae music radio stations with you.

If you would like to add your favorite Station,please write to us.

Red Nails Red Nails v1.0

From Robert Ervin Howard, the author of Conan the Barbarian series, comes the last of the stories about Conan. This is the full e-book of "Red Nails".

"It is set in the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age and concerns Conan encountering a lost city in which the degenerate inhabitants are proactively resigned to their own destruction." - Wikipedia

Ramazan ve Oruç Ramazan ve Oruç v1.0

Ramazan Ayı ve Oruç İbadeti ile ilgili merak edilen konu ve sorulara yanıt bulabileceğiniz bir uygulama.

Racconti Racconti v1.2.3

Ebook reader with stories of various genres in italian language!

Quran Hakeem Quran Hakeem v2.0

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This is the same app that you can find on iPhones. Alhumdullilah, it has been successfully ported for use on Android devices.

Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudice v1.0

Enjoy reading pride and prejudice by Jane Austen.
These books were acquired by the gutenberg project. These books can be copied and distributed at no cost. Please visit the gutenberg project for more free books.

Polygrammaton Polygrammaton v1.0.4

All three published works of author Vasileios Kalampakas are included in this collection: "Forge of Stones", a scifi/fantasy adventure novel, "Bobby on a stick", a humorous paranormal fantasy satire/parody and "Of Man Sun and Stars", a collection of five short science fiction stories. Ad-Sponsored.

PHP Interview Questions PHP Interview Questions v1.0.3

PHP Interview Questions
It includes 13 questions with answers, if you are going to attend an interview of PHP, please read it.


Peepo Peepo v3.0.0

“Peepo and the Unfinished Story” is an artful blend of stories, games and cartoons.

Oscar Wild's Books Oscar Wild's Books v1.0

If you love Oscar Wild's books, you have an opportunity to download this app for free and enjoy reading the books of this beautiful collection!

Oracle Interview Questions Oracle Interview Questions v1.0.3

Oracle Interview Questions
It includes 45 questions with answers, if you are going to attend an interview of Oracle, please read it.


Oracle DBA Interview Questions Oracle DBA Interview Questions v1.0.3

Oracle DBA Interview Questions
It includes 16 questions with answers, if you are going to attend an interview of Oracle DBA, please read it.

Oracle DBA面试问题
它包含了16道题目并附有答案,如果你要参加一个Oracle DBA面试,请一定要读一下。

OOP-Interview Questions OOP-Interview Questions v1.0.3

OOP Interview Questions
It includes 12 questions with answers, if you are going to attend an interview of Object Oriented Programming, please read it.


Online Reader Online Reader v2.0

Online Reader is a browser that saves your place on any web page. Great for reading online articles, books, and long passages. You can switch apps, shut it down, or turn off your phone/tablet. The next time you launch Online Reader, you would be right back where you were the last time.

Objective-C Beginner Guide Objective-C Beginner Guide v1.0.9

Objective-C Beginner Guide
This tutorial has 19 parts and it is a good guidance for beginners to learn Objective-C.

Objective-C 初学者指南
这个教材共有19部分,是个很好Objective-C 入门材料.

Networking Interview questions and answers Networking Interview questions and answers v1.0.4

Networking interview questions and answers
It includes 24 questions with answers, if you are going to attend an interview of Networking, please read it.


Namaz Sûreleri Namaz Sûreleri v1.4

Namazda Okunan Sûrelerin okunuşlarının ve anlamlarının görüntülenebileceği bir uygulama.