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The Professor The Professor v1.0

The Professor was the first novel Charlotte Bronte wrote, but was only published posthumously.

The Moon and Sixpence The Moon and Sixpence v1.0

The Moon and Sixpence is a fictional novel heavily influenced by the life of French painter Paul Gauguin.

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle v1.0

Doctor Dolittle takes on an apprentice, Tommy Stubbins, as they set out to find Long Arrow, the world's greatest naturalist.

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin: From The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin The Autobiography of Charles Darwin: From The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin v1.0

Charles Darwin is the English naturalist whose work laid the foundation for evolutionary biology and theory.

On the Origin of Species: By Means of Natural Selection, 6th Edition On the Origin of Species: By Means of Natural Selection, 6th Edition v1.0

Darwin consolidated a lifetime of work in On the Origin of Species, compiling his discoveries from the voyage of the Beagle, his experiments, research and correspondence.

Lady Audleys Secret Lady Audleys Secret v1.0

Lady Audley's Secret was one of the first and most successful sensation novels of the late 19th century. A young gentleman of leisure, Robert Audley, is spurred into action when his friend Geroge Talboys goes missing from Audley Court.

Pollyanna Pollyanna v1.0

The young orphan Pollyanna is sent to live with her stern Aunt in a dour New England town.

Rob Roy Rob Roy v1.0

Walter Scott's novel Rob Roy follows a young Englishman, Frank Osbaldistone, to Scotland, where he travels to retrieve a debt.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge v1.0

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge opens with the story's hero, Peyton Farquhar, hanging bound from a bridge, awaiting hanging.

Agnes Grey Agnes Grey v1.0

Agnes Grey is the daughter of a minister who faces financial ruin.

My Antonia My Antonia v1.0

My Antonia, first published 1918, is one of Willa Cather's greatest works.

O Pioneers! O Pioneers! v1.0

A Swedish family migrate to Nebraska at the turn of the 20th century.

The Secret Sharer The Secret Sharer v1.0

The Secret Sharer contains many of Conrad's favorite motifs.

Eugenie Grandet Eugenie Grandet v1.0

A daughter inherits her father's miserliness, which stifles her relationship with her cousin, making love an unsatisfying experience.

The Chessmen of Mars The Chessmen of Mars v1.0

The fifth book in the popular Barsoom series, The Chessmen of Mars is a 1922 science fiction novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The Absentee The Absentee v1.0

On the eve of his coming of age, a young Lord begins to see the truth of his parents' lives.

Adam Bede Adam Bede v1.0

Adam Bede follows the lives of a fictional rural community.

Greenmantle Greenmantle v1.0

British writer John Buchan's Greenmantle is the second of five adventure novels to star Richard Hannay, a man with a remarkable knack for getting out of sticky situations, and indeed getting into them in the first place.

The Mill on the Floss The Mill on the Floss v1.0

George Eliot's novel The Mill on the Floss, orginally published in 1860 as three volumes, tells of the lives of brother and sister Tom and Maggie Tulliver as they grow up upon the River Floss.

Cranford Cranford v1.0

Cranford is the best-known novel of the 19th century English writer Elizabeth Gaskell.