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2 Plays by Donald Batchelor 2 Plays by Donald Batchelor v1.0

Old Raleigh Road is a play in three acts. It is a serious look at the tobacco issue.

3 Plays by Hal Lieberman 3 Plays by Hal Lieberman v1.0

Kafka in Love deals with the last year of Franz Kafka's life.

A Moment of Truth: The Life of Zola A Moment of Truth: The Life of Zola v1.0

A Moment of Truth is a biographical novel of the life and times of Zola.

Armed Love Armed Love v1.0

Armed Love, first published in 1971, is a description of the author's experience in America's communs.

Attack Butterfly Attack Butterfly v1.0

Attack Butterfly is the second in The Rust Bucket Universe series from Boson Books.

Becoming Americans Becoming Americans v1.0

The docks of seventeenth century London and Bristol funneled yeomen, thieves, whores, and stolen children.

Belaset's Daughter Belaset's Daughter v1.0

England, 1264: as Simon de Montfort and his fellow Barons challenge Henry III's arrogant conviction of the divine right of kings to rule.

Bohanin's Last Days Bohanin's Last Days v1.0

As Captain L. J. Bohanin heads for California to enjoy his retirement from the 10th Cavalry he becomes immersed in a mystery.

Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture Chinese Business Etiquette and Culture v1.0

This book introduces the basics of Chinese culture. You will discover how to initiate contact, what to expect in meetings, and how to behave there.

Cosmo's Deli Cosmo's Deli v1.0

Single Manhattanite Renny Shuler is searching for true love while burning in corporate hell.

Dead and Gone Dead and Gone v1.0

The rain-soaked streets of Napua on Hawaii's island of Elima are a far cry from a battlefield.

Dead Before a Rival Dead Before a Rival v1.0

It's a beautiful day in Hawaii. Kay Yoshinobu and Sid Chu have been invited for a day trip.

Dear Diary, I'm in Love Dear Diary, I'm in Love v1.0

June 1I doubt that I would be starting this diary if it weren't for laptops.

Death and Near Death Death and Near Death v1.0

When the local mission's Father Duffy shows up at the office of Smith, Chu, Yoshinobu and Correa.

Death in Living Gray Death in Living Gray v1.0

Prudence Abernathy left her job in a California art gallery to marry a young army captain.

Death Wears a White Gardenia Death Wears a White Gardenia v1.0

Zelda Popkin solves her intriguing mystery with a female detective named Mary Carner.

Dust Bunny Dust Bunny v1.0

Diane stabbed at the intercom switch near her and shouted, "Close hatches and launch!"

Except Education Except Education v1.0

Except Education describes what really happens inside of American public high schools.

Expect the Unexpected Expect the Unexpected v1.0

The lovely, lonely princess wandered along the edge of a pond thinking about finding a mate.

Fifty-Minutes Flaherty Fifty-Minutes Flaherty v1.0

Fifty-Minutes Flahterty presents forty-one short stories in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes?