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Tao Te Ching Tao Te Ching v1.0.6

Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, illustrated explaination, history, and Chinese cultural notes plus screensavers, themes and wallpaper.


Testing Interview Questions Testing Interview Questions v1.0.5

Testing Interview Questions
It includes 16 questions with answers, if you are going to attend an interview of Testing, please read it.


The Analects The Analects v1.0.4

The Analects

The Analects, or Lunyu (simplified Chinese: 论语; traditional Chinese: 論語; pinyin: Lún Yǔ; literally "Classified/Ordered Sayings"[1]), also known as the Analects of Confucius, is the collection of sayings and ideas attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius and his contemporaries, traditionally believed to have been written by Confucius' followers.

The Art of War The Art of War v1.0.4

The Art of War

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu (also referred to as "Sun Wu" and "Sunzi"),a high ranking military general, strategist and tactician, and it was believed to have been compiled during the late Spring and Autumn period or early Warring States period.

The Doctrine of the Mean The Doctrine of the Mean v1.0.4

The Doctrine of the Mean (Chinese: 中庸; pinyin: zhōng yōng), is both a doctrine of Confucianism, and also the title of one of the Four Books of Confucian philosophy.
The text is attributed to Zisi (also known as Kong Ji), the only grandson of Confucius. It was published as a chapter in the Classic of Rites.

The Golden Lotus The Golden Lotus v1.0.4

The Golden Lotus

Jin Ping Mei, or The Plum in the Golden Vase (Chinese: 金瓶梅; pinyin: Jīn Píng Méi, also translated as The Golden Lotus) is a Chinese naturalistic novel composed in vernacular Chinese during the late Ming Dynasty.

The Great Learning The Great Learning v1.0.6

The Great Learning (simplified Chinese: 大学; traditional Chinese: 大學; pinyin: Dà Xué)[1] was one of the "Four Books" in Confucianism.

The Thirty-Six Stratagems The Thirty-Six Stratagems v1.0.5

The Thirty-Six Stratagems

The Thirty-Six Stratagems was a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, as well as in civil interaction, often through unorthodox or deceptive means.



Water Margin Water Margin v1.0.9

Water Margin

Water Margin (known in Chinese as Shuihu Zhuan, sometimes abbreviated to Shuihu), also known as Outlaws of the Marsh, All Men Are Brothers, Men of the Marshes, or The Marshes of Mount Liang, is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

史记 史记 v1.0.1

The Records of the Grand Historian

The Records of the Grand Historian, also known by its Chinese name Shiji (Chinese: 史記; pinyin: Shǐjì; literally "Historical Records"), written from 109 to 91 BC, was the magnum opus of Sima Qian, in which he recounted Chinese history from the time of the Yellow Emperor until his own time. (The Yellow Emperor, traditionally dated around 2600 BC, is the first ruler whom Sima Qian considered sufficiently established as historical to appear in the Records.)

唐诗三百首 唐诗三百首 v1.0.5



推背图光绪抄本 推背图光绪抄本 v1.0.7

Please be informed this application includes Ads SDK, which needs to create shortcuts permission.

推 背 图 光 绪 抄 本

推背图,传闻是一千三百多年前,初唐的司天监李淳风和袁天罡合著的,由唐开始一直预言到未来世界大同,当中共包括六十象,六十,代表著循环周而复始的意思。由于李淳风推算的上了瘾,一发不可收,竟推算到唐以后中国2000多年的命运,直到袁天罡推他的背,说道:“天机不可再泻, 还是回去休息吧!”,既是第60像所述,所以推背图因此得名。

笑话集中营 笑话集中营 v1.0.3

Joke Concentration Camp
The "joke concentration camp“ contains 9150 jokes, including: Avanti jokes, celebrity jokes, love jokes, foreign jokes, ancient jokes, modern jokes, Internet jokes ...


鲁迅全集 鲁迅全集 v1.0.2

Lu Xun Essays
Lu Xun (simplified Chinese: 鲁迅; traditional Chinese: 魯迅; pinyin: Lǔ Xùn) or Lu Hsün (Wade-Giles), was the pen name of Zhou Shuren (simplified Chinese: 周树人; traditional Chinese: 周樹人;

鸳鸯秘谱 鸳鸯秘谱 v1.0.0


textReader textReader v1.3.1

This is a simple e-book reader application.

Saraiva Reader Saraiva Reader v4.1.2

Saraiva Reader is one of the most downloaded ereading app in Brazil.
Currently, there are more than 250,000 international titles and 12,000 titles in Portuguese, 200 of which, completely free. All titles are available at Saraiva's website, where you can download free samples before purchasing. Download the app for free, and enjoy the best experience reading your favorite ebooks, with all the comfort and wherever you are.

The Witch With No Name The Witch With No Name v2.16.2

♥ The Witch With No Name is an artful blend of story and game ♥

Great Short Stories Great Short Stories v1.0

If you love reading you will love this app.
Contains many of the best short stories.

You can read them without connexion.

Twenty Great American Short Stories Twenty Great American Short Stories v1.0

Read the Great American Short Stories.
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