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Report Forecast Report Forecast v2.2.10

This app is made for students/pupils. With this app you can save all grades/marks you get and the app calculates your report.

Trigonometry Cheat Sheet Trigonometry Cheat Sheet v4

This application contains a list of all Trigonometric formulae and identities that can help you get good grades in mathematics.
Its a handy tool to provide you with all the help without having to remember even one formula.





Trigonometry Reference Trigonometry Reference v1.2.1

Trigonometry Reference contains all the important formulas and concepts that every student needs to have it in hands.

Mouse Math Mouse Math v1.2.3

Feed the mouse with the numbers that solve the equation in order to advance to the next level. Using tennis balls or turning the screen to the left or right will make the items either fall into the hole or feed the mouse.

Balanced Budget Game Balanced Budget Game v3.1

Balance The Budget Game

Graphing Toolkit Graphing Toolkit v0.8

Explore graphing with this interactive graphing tool! Instead of entering in long equations, simply place and drag points to discover how different functions appear and change.

Featuring an intuitive graphing interface that supports many different kinds of graphs. You can even juxtapose multiple graphs on the same screen!

Sistemas de Ecuaciones Sistemas de Ecuaciones v1.0.5

An app with many autogenerated systems of equations to practice.

Problems and exercises to solve.

And an autosolve program: write your system and get the solution.

Learn Algebra 2 Learn Algebra 2 v0.7

The critically acclaimed sequel to the popular Learn Algebra app! Now you can learn the basic concepts of Algebra 2 with the same intuitive interface and effective lesson-problem-quicknotes format of the first app all for FREE. Our app features everything you’ll need to learn algebra, from an all-inclusive algebra textbook to a number of procedural problem generators to cement your knowledge.

Math Library Math Library v1.0

This software is presented by ALLTECH association which brings library of math.

Numeros primos Numeros primos v1.0.0

Find and verify if a number is prime or not
It gives its factors if is not prime

Basics of physics Basics of physics v1.1

The app provides a quick summary of essential formulas in physics.

Chemistry Helper Chemistry Helper v1.0.14

A simple app designed as a quick reference for chemistry students.

Includes a periodic table with links to wikipedia, a tool to calculate molecular masses of compounds, a table of polyatomic ions, constants, solubility rules, tools for calculating molarity and volume of solutions, tools for converting between units commonly used in chemistry...

EnglishCards EnglishCards v68

Anatomy 4 Kids is a free set of questions so that children can learn human anatomy very easily in English and Spanish . There are three levels of difficulty asking questions about bones , muscles, organs and anatomy of the body in general.
This application can be zoom images to view the details of the pictures.

SolarSystem SolarSystem v1.0

Put the 'cool' back in 'school'! Your children or students will be baffled! Let them experience the solar system and the planets in Augmented Reality!

Chemical Equation Balancer Chemical Equation Balancer v1.0

Finding it hard to balance chemical equations? Can you balance equations like "K4Fe(CN)6 + KMnO4 + H2SO4 → KHSO4 + Fe2(SO4)3 + MnSO4 + HNO3 + CO2 + H2O"?
This app is able to balance any chemical equations from simple ones such as H2+O2=H2O to complicated ones like the above equation. It is easy to use yet powerful. Nonetheless, it is completely portable as it does not require Internet access.

CalcX1 CalcX1 v1.0

A standard android calculator does not have many useful features like finding prime factors,G.C.D/L.C.M of numbers, converter base of a number from standard decimal or finding all the prime numbers between two given numbers..CalcX comes to the rescue..!!

MathKit MathKit v1.3.2

Formulas at your Fingertips

Phrasal Nerds Phrasal Nerds v1.7.0

Learn essential phrasal verbs by setting out on a space adventure with Alex the mole!

Tabla Periódica Tabla Periódica v1.2

Periodic Table of elements. Simple and effective periodic table. Perfect for students.