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WrestleCrap Book of Lists!, The WrestleCrap Book of Lists!, The v1.0

Ever wanted to know the worst career choices pro wrestlers made upon retirement?

Dead Like Her Dead Like Her v1.0

Sex, drugs - and Marilyn Monroe・A potentially lethal combination. It seems like a straightforward case for newly promoted DCI Paul ...

Between the Ropes Between the Ropes v1.0

As wrestling dominated the pop culture airwaves in the late 90s.

Shelf Monkey Shelf Monkey v1.0

Thomas Friesen has three goals in life. Get a job. Make friends. Find a good book to curl up with.

Hunting Modern South Africa with Powder and Ball Hunting Modern South Africa with Powder and Ball v1.0

Randy D. Smith describes the modern history, equipment, and tactics for black powder hunting in modern Africa.

Raw Deal Raw Deal v1.0

Jake Morgan loves Las Vegas. Hes a 33-year-old ex-cop from Boston.

Fruitfly Geographic Fruitfly Geographic v1.0

Gathering berries or information; hunting game, experience, or knowledge.

How to Swallow a Pig How to Swallow a Pig v1.0

Bizarre sexual parables, hilarious science fiction, fables, text-tangles, dirty stories.

Joyland Joyland v1.0

Welcome to 1984 and the town of South Wakefield.

Hallo Spaceboy Hallo Spaceboy v1.0

By 1987, David Bowie was at a creative, critical, and commercial low.

National Wrestling Alliance National Wrestling Alliance v1.0

In the 1950s, in Las Vegas, a businessmens conglomerate dominating a $25 million-a-year sports industry.

Stephen Harper Stephen Harper v1.0

Any look at Stephen Harper and the new Conservative party requires an examination.

Take Your Money and Run! Take Your Money and Run! v1.0

Tired of the government taxing all of your hard-earned money?

North End Poems, The North End Poems, The v1.0

With The North End Poems, his always vivid new collection, Michael Knox has further honed his lucid.

Reading the Bible Backwards Reading the Bible Backwards v1.0

Reverse engineering the word, meme splicing, morpheme replacement therapy.

Kid Rex Kid Rex v1.0

Kid Rex is the story of one womans struggle to overcome anorexia.

Mortimers Fun with Words: Mortimer Plays I-Spy Mortimers Fun with Words: Mortimer Plays I-Spy v2.0

Mortimer the bear helps young readers become familiar with the alphabet by looking for objects.

Blood Money Blood Money v1.0

6th in Maureen Carter’s Birmingham-based ‘Bev Morris’ police series. Enter the Sandman, a vicious serial...

A Certain Malice A Certain Malice v1.0

Glenroyd Ladies College has a reputation to protect...

Becoming Americans Becoming Americans v1.0

The docks of seventeenth century London and Bristol funneled yeomen, thieves, whores, and stolen children.