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2app 2app v1.1

2app is exclusive private messaging for a couple or 2 close friends:

- Connects 2 people exclusively
- Sends text, pics, audio & video fast and easily
- Saves NO personal data
- Available for Android and iPhone

A-Link A-Link v2.01

This simple Android app opens the Android Browser and loads the Amazon mobile web site. Provide you with a quick and easy one touch access to Amazon. Simply place this app on the Android home (desktop). Use it like a Windows shortcut or an URL link.

Advanced Tip Calculator Advanced Tip Calculator v1.0.1

Advanced Tip Calculator is a free app to make the tip calculation easy. In addition to tip splitting and rounding features that many other tip calculators have, it also has saving as history and email feature, making it a perfect app to keep track of all dinning expenses. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

Affirmations - Feel Fabulous Affirmations - Feel Fabulous v1.0

These audio Affirmations are an instant mood changer. You’re very own secret weapon for success and positivity.

Feel fabulous today!

aiFlashlight aiFlashlight v2.0.2

Trial 3-day(s)!

Supports Languages: EN, DE, UK, RU

Android is fun! Android is fun because it's innovative, it's powerful and of course it's user friendly. How to show your friends that Android is just something more then a new mobile platform?! Try our life style application - Flashlight for Android.

aiFlashlight is a geek toy which shows new possibilities and advanced features of innovative Android platform. It's a toy, but at the same time it is designed for a real world use. aiFlashlight offers not only a Lighter, but also a set of useful tools like Morse code, Spectrum Lights, Emergency Lights, Police Car lights, Fire Truck Lights and more. All features are well customized in one finger touch. You can change brightness, colors and repeat intervals. Application is highly optimized for minimal battery and phone resources consumption.

aiPhotoFrame aiPhotoFrame v1.0.0

Trial 3-day(s)!

Android is fun! Android is fun because it's innovative, it's powerful and of course it's user friendly. How to show your friends that Android is just something more then a new mobile platform?! Try our lifestyle application - Photo Frame screensaver for Android.

aiPhotoFrame is yet another application that makes your phone more useful than ever before.

Many developers claim that screensaver for mobile devices is nonsense. And from one side they are right, because screensaver on mobile device is not the same as a screensaver on desktop computer.

Due to nature of energy saving problem, screensavers were first designed as power saver, later they became a new attribute of life for every computer user. Screensavers now shows weather, pictures or even animated underwater world.

Alcoholic Anonymous Alcoholic Anonymous v1.0

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a great tool to help stay sober! By using this app user remember his strongest motivations to stay sober, even when times are tough or he has a craving. This app features:

* How long he has been sober
* Motivational photos from his mobile device
* His reasons to stay sober
* Motivational quotes about sobriety
* Fast access to his fellows for support

All Cars Info All Cars Info v1.0

"All Cars Info" have the latest and most current information about automobiles.

All In One News All In One News v1.0

Bookmarked a page of the newspaper without having to bother you can easily browse news.

bbc news, new york times, engadget, reuters, wall street journal, abc news, fox news, lemonde

Aloqa Aloqa v0.963

Aloqa proactively pushes real time recommendations to mobile users. Wherever you are, based on your preferences and social graph, you can simply glance at your phone and find which friends, favorite businesses, events like music concerts, and local offers are close by, without having to launch a browser or search application.

Amazing Tattoos Amazing Tattoos v3.3

Thinking of having a tattoo? Get Inspiration, Guidance or Show off Your own!

Want to see some real works of art? Some crazy, Some Beautiful, and Some completely Bonkers!

View 3000+ Amazing Tattoos in the Gallery
-Amazing Body Art
-Save Images to SD
-Detailed Advice if your thinking of having a tattoo
-Option to Send in your tattoo for inclusion in the gallery

AmericanStockExchange AmericanStockExchange v1.0

This is a application which gives information about American stocks exchange rates.Now we can get current exchange rates all over America in our pocket mobile.

Analog Clock Collection Analog Clock Collection v2.4

Analog Clock Collection is desktop widget that comes with more then 32 different analog clocks from which you can choose your favorite one

All clocks are 2x2 size

To Insert a widget, long-press in an empty area on the home screen select 'Widgets', then 'Analog Clock Collection'

And ILoveYou And ILoveYou v1.1

Send I Love You in a message to the one you love in 23 languages

AndCurrency AndCurrency v1.2

This is a simple converter from one currency to another and may use actual data from several different locations ( like European Central Bank, Bulgarian National Bank ).

Angel Cards Angel Cards v1.04

Tarot Angel Cards will strengthen your intuition, rediscover some of your psychic abilities and at the same time strengthen your communication with angels by asking questions or pleading for help and guidance.

Every time you pull a card, you will awaken angel presence in your life and receive immediate message of angel love - that will direct you towards love for yourself and at the same time towards more loving relationships with other people.

Animal Repel! Animal Repel! v1.3

Give pests their eviction notice, up to 400 square feet of ultrasonic coverage!!

Animals Animals v1.0

Make you friends blow their minds out trying to guess what animal your acting out! With 50 random animals! Includes things like badger and beaver and Alligators. Enjoy a fun game with other friends on your weekly game nights. Challenge each other to try and score more. free apps, social, lifestyle, questions, content, game, games

Aphorisms Aphorisms v1.0

Great People! Great Words! Aphorisms!! ONLINE UPDATE EVERY DAY!

aPriceCalc aPriceCalc v1.0.0

A discount, tax and tip calculator all in one...