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Nexus Revamped Nexus Revamped v1.99.22

An ultra customisable Nexus live wallpaper with multi-touch support

DJ Decks (Ad) DJ Decks (Ad) v1.3

DJ Turntable spins groove music on your phone.

3d Clock Live Pro 3d Clock Live Pro v1.1

This is new version of 3d clock live wallpaper.
We improved its performance and also fixes its bugs.
Thanks for your feedback.

3D Space Live Wallpaper 3D Space Live Wallpaper v1.0.2

Enjoy a world of limitless and stunning stars, galaxies, black holes, and meteorites. Animated 3D Space Live Wallpaper for Android with dynamic 3D animations, photorealistic and HD quality graphics. Now on your smartphone or tablet you can see your own space, choose planets, satellites and galaxies, depending on at what journey you want to go today. Earth or Pluto, Jupiter or Mars, the Moon or Venus, now the choice is yours!

Cute Waving Panda (Ad-Supported) Cute Waving Panda (Ad-Supported) v1.2

I want a panda!!! But unfortunately there are few people who can have a baby panda. Until now!!!

City Live Wallpaper City Live Wallpaper v1.6

Amazing HD graphics and customizations that bring boring screen to life.

Smiley Pro Live Wallpaper Smiley Pro Live Wallpaper v1.01

Customize your home screen with colorful and funny Smiley Pro Live Wallpaper!

Tunnel 3D Live Wallpaper Tunnel 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

3D tunnel - live wallpaper with 3D tunnel effect.

- 5 kinds of tunnels
- adjustable speed and brightness
- more than 30 textures of 3D Tunnel surface

Dreaming Girl Dreaming Girl v1.2

Lovely dreaming girl.

Blinking eyes, animated lights.

Snowfall Live Wallpaper Snowfall Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

Snowfall live wallpaper is a beautiful dynamic animated wallpaper featuring gentle 2D / 3D snowflakes falling against photo-realistic, abstract, Christmas and New Year backgrounds.

3D Animated Waterfall Gallery 3D Animated Waterfall Gallery v1.0

Change your wallpaper into a 3D waterfall, which is decorated with pictures from your gallery.

Galaxy DMS Live Wallpaper FREE Galaxy DMS Live Wallpaper FREE v1.0.4

Free Live wallpaper showing multicolored 3D curves ,
moving across the screen .

CurvexHD STD Live Wallpaper FREE CurvexHD STD Live Wallpaper FREE v1.0.0

Free Live wallpaper showing multicolored and interlaced 3D curves .

Easily customizable
( 5 models available , 5 color gradients , drawing scale factor  )

Neon Vectors Neon Vectors v1.2

Neon vector space 3D animated Live Wallpaper with orbit and gyroscopic controls, please see the demo video below of this amazing live wallpaper.

The Neon Vectors live wallpaper includes five stunning vector animations from a graphics industry professional, beautiful and mesmerizing. The vectors explode across a 3D Neon scene with TRON influence. The live wallpaper responds to touch and gyroscope pan/tilt of your device. Idea for phones and tablets.

Artistic Live Wallpapers Artistic Live Wallpapers v1.1.1

Beautiful video live wallpapers in high quality for smartphones and tablets.

Hamlet the Cat Free Hamlet the Cat Free v1.0.2

Do you wanna cat? We have one for you!

Silly Fish Live Wallpaper Silly Fish Live Wallpaper v1.6

This is a very simple live wallpaper, made just for fun.
Press on the screen to change direction of movement.

FlexLines Live Wallpaper FREE FlexLines Live Wallpaper FREE v1.0.0

Free Live wallpaper showing 13 flexible 3D lines models , moving across the screen .

Easily customizable ( color picker , drawing scale factor , Lines models choice )

Glitter Live Wallpaper Glitter Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

Wanna see beautiful sparks flying and glittering in your homescreens? Try Glitter Live Wallpaper now!

Flakes3D STS Live Wallpaper FREE Flakes3D STS Live Wallpaper FREE v1.0.0

Free Live wallpaper showing kinds of 3D flakes , interacting with each other .
Easily customizable
( 5 models available , 5 color gradients , drawing scale factor  )