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Light Grid Holiday Themes Light Grid Holiday Themes v1.0

Add a whole new holiday-inspired settings menu to Light Grid Live Wallpaper, so you can keep your home screen fresh year-round!

Independence Day Live Wallpaper Independence Day Live Wallpaper v4.0.0

Independence Day Live Wallpaper

Vintage Halloween Vintage Halloween v1.01

Fires crackle and a chill is in the air. Days are getting shorter and we want a little scare...
Travel back to when even spooks were charming. The stars are twinkling, the man in the moon is full, and if you touch him he winks with a smile. There's bats flying, a shooting star, and realistic fire and smoke for the witch's cauldron. The black cat arches in fright if you dare to touch her, and the owl spins his head around to see whooo tapped him. Celebrate the best season with Vintage Halloween!

Happy Easter Happy Easter v1.4

Tap the easter egg on the screen to free a chick.

Try it! It's super fun, no launcher needed and works on all phones! One of the coolest Easter live wallpapers out there!

Photo Wall 3D Live Wallpaper Photo Wall 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0

Take your favorite memories everywhere with you in this virtual 3D photo wallpaper!

Village Manarola Night Village Manarola Night v1.0.0

Feel and watch the calming scenery of Village Manarola at Night on your android screen!

Bubble Bath Bubble Bath v1.0

Relaxing bubbles float up from this bubble bath.
Contains 5 themes.

Sailing Sunset Sailboat Sailing Sunset Sailboat v1.0.0

Feel and watch the charming scenery of Sailing Sunset Sailboat on your android screen!

Venice Canal Night Venice Canal Night v1.0.0

Feel and watch the calming scenery of Venice Canal at Night on your android screen!

San Antonio Riverwalk Cafe San Antonio Riverwalk Cafe v1.0.0

Feel and watch the famous San Antonio Riverwalk Cafe on your android screen!

Taj Mahal India Mausoleum Taj Mahal India Mausoleum v1.0.0

Feel and watch the famous landmark Taj Mahal India Mausoleum right on your android screen!

Ocean Setting Sun Ocean Setting Sun v1.0.0

Feel and watch the Setting Sun in the ocean right on your android screen!

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday v1.00


** Please put screen in Portrait mode before setting wallpaper! Once it is set, you can put it in Landscape! **

Happy Birthday! A beautiful cake, presents and banner! The candles are lit with a realistic flame effect. Multi-colored confetti falls from the sky!

* Realistic candle flames!
* Falling confetti!
* Original animation just for you!

3D Living Christmas Tree 3D Living Christmas Tree v1.0

"3D Living Christmas Tree" is a stunning 3D live wallpaper featuring a sparkling Christmas Tree of Light.
Christmas is the favorite time of the year for many. Now you can get into the holiday spirit at any time all year round! Watch the lighted Christmas tree both as live wallpaper and as fully interactive app.

Halloween Halloween v1.1

Halloween, live wallpaper.

Pumpkin 3D Live Wallpaper Pumpkin 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

3D Pumpkin Live Wallpaper

Creepy Pumpkins Creepy Pumpkins v1.2

Halloween Pumpkins are scary, trick or treat! Try this fantastic Creepy Pumpkins Live Wallpaper for Halloween 2013!
The creepy kids Halloween Pumpkins are coming and can't be stopped. Unlucky for them your powerful finger tap can destroy them in an explosion. Their evil magic is strong and the Creepy Pumpkins come back to life.
The pumpkins in the scene can be changed to uncut, cut and lit and rotten. The number of pumpkins can also be selected.
Happy Halloween 2013!

Christmas Night Live Wallpaper Christmas Night Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

Enjoy our free beautiful animated dynamic live wallpaper “Christmas night live wallpaper” with animated christmas tree (three types to choose from), falling snow (2D / 3D snowflakes), animated clouds, sparks, lights and other effects and animations. It is perfect for winter holidays, for holy night, christmas day and new year.

Merry christmas and Happy New Year :)

Halloween Scary House 3D Halloween Scary House 3D v1.0

Your Halloween scary wallpaper.

Christmas Fantasy LWP Free Christmas Fantasy LWP Free v1.1

Merry Christmas! and enjoy this Fantasy Live Wallpaper.