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Clovers Live Wallpaper Clovers Live Wallpaper v1.0

Simple live wallpaper (ideal for Saint Patrick's Day too). The clovers appear at random places, grow and finally disappear but new ones pop up.

Silver Time Machine Silver Time Machine v4.0.0

Silver Time Machine Live Wallpaper.

Heart Balloons Heart Balloons v1.0

A beautiful flying heart ballons for valentine day.Enjoy it!

- High quality graphics
- Beautiful animations for heart balloons
- Compatible with all portrait resolutions and devices
- Improved battery management

Home->Long Press->-Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->Heart Balloons

Dancing Penguin LWP Free Dancing Penguin LWP Free v1.0.4

Meet Piko, a cute penguin wandering around in your home screen

Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood v1.0

Simple portrait Live Wallpaper - Little Red Riding Hood

Benin mask glows LWP Benin mask glows LWP v1.0

nigerian benin mask with interactive falling items(coweries and stuff)

Live skull LWP Live skull LWP v1.0

Skull live wallpaper. You can choose color or own image as background in preferences. Tap on skull teeth for special effect !

Fish n Bubble LWP Fish n Bubble LWP v0.1.7

Enjoy watching the tropical fish swimming around while you pop
some bubbles. Don't touch the fish or they might
try to move away from your finger!

Infinity Piano Keyboard Infinity Piano Keyboard v4.0.0

Infinity Piano Keyboard Live Wallpaper.

Candle Light Live Wallpaper Candle Light Live Wallpaper v1.0

Candle Light Live Wallpaper.

How to install:
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpaper -> Select Candle Light Live Wallpaper From List -> Click Set Wallpaper

Stir Stir v2.0

Be mesmerized by perpetual swirly motion of this interactive fluid LWP. Swipe the screen to stir up vortices, and be mesmerized by the ensuing perpetual swirly motion. Double tap repeatedly to dampen the whirlpools and slow things down.

3D Cherry Blossom Livewallpaper 3D Cherry Blossom Livewallpaper v1.0.2

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper 3D(Free)!
Every spring pink cherry blossoms always come to us and show off her beauty.
Beautiful and Realitic Cherry Blossom will dance.

Text Effects LWP-Free Text Effects LWP-Free v1.2

Text Effects Live Wallpaper to bring life to your text.

3D Gyroscope Free 3D Gyroscope Free v1.1

Gyroscope 3D is a live wallpaper that simulates a 3D mechanical gyroscope.

Battery Lights (Free) Battery Lights (Free) v1.1.0

Show your device's battery status, while ambient lights float on the background

3D Nigh City Clock 3D Nigh City Clock v1.2

Change your phone's desktop into 3D city

Renoir Gallery Free Live Wallpaper Renoir Gallery Free Live Wallpaper v1.3

This free Live Wallpaper brings you more than 45 of the most popular paintings from the French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Renoir was a leading painter of the impressionist style. He lived from 1841–1919.

Moon Beach at Night Moon Beach at Night v1.0.0

Feel and watch the calming scenery of Beach at Night with full moon on your android screen!

Rings LWP Rings LWP v1.0

Rings Live wallpaper gives you live movement of the VIBGYOR rings.

Fireworks City At Night LWP Fireworks City At Night LWP v1.2

Enjoy the amazing Fireworks Effect animation on this Fireworks Effect City At Night Wallpaper