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Clovers Live Wallpaper Clovers Live Wallpaper v1.0

Simple live wallpaper (ideal for Saint Patrick's Day too). The clovers appear at random places, grow and finally disappear but new ones pop up.

Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper v4.0.0

Jelly Beans Rain Live Wallpaper

Droid Eye in Space Droid Eye in Space v4.0.0

Droid Eye in Space Live Wallpaper.

Animated Flowers Pattern Animated Flowers Pattern v4.0.0

Animated Flowers Pattern Live Wallpaper.

Metal Galaxy Metal Galaxy v4.0.0

Metal Galaxy Live Wallpaper.

Mistify Wallpaper Mistify Wallpaper v1.2

This wallpaper is like windows mystify screensaver, but with more features.

√ Thurn on/off motion blur effect.
√ Choose motion blur count.
√ Choose from 3 different shape ( line, 3-Sided Poligon, 4-Sided Poligon)
√ Choose shape count.
√ Change backgroun color.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

Gold Time Machine Gold Time Machine v4.0.0

Gold Time Machine Live Wallpaper.

Silver Time Machine Silver Time Machine v4.0.0

Silver Time Machine Live Wallpaper.

Diffusion of Water Waves Diffusion of Water Waves v4.0.0

Diffusion of Water Waves Live Wallpaper.

Heart Balloons Heart Balloons v1.0

A beautiful flying heart ballons for valentine day.Enjoy it!

- High quality graphics
- Beautiful animations for heart balloons
- Compatible with all portrait resolutions and devices
- Improved battery management

Home->Long Press->-Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->Heart Balloons

Magnificent Magnificent v1.0.1

A nice colorful live wallpaper for anybody and everybody to enjoy!

Star Flight Free Star Flight Free v1.2

Star Flight Live Wallpaper is the ultimate flying trough space on a spaceship live wallpaper.

Honeycomb Waves Honeycomb Waves v4.0.0

Honeycomb Waves Live Wallpaper.

Milky Way Galaxy Core Milky Way Galaxy Core v4.0.0

Milky Way Galaxy Core Live Wallpaper.

Heartbeat Healthy ECG Heartbeat Healthy ECG v4.0.0

Heartbeat Healthy ECG Live Wallpaper.

Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper Dancing Penguin Live Wallpaper v1.2.2

Meet Piko, a cute penguin wandering around in your home screen

Green Dots Reflectors Green Dots Reflectors v4.0.0

Green Dots Reflectors Live Wallpaper.

Silver Glossy Silver Glossy v4.0.0

Silver Glossy Live Wallpaper.

Dancing Penguin LWP Free Dancing Penguin LWP Free v1.0.4

Meet Piko, a cute penguin wandering around in your home screen

Androbot Live Wallpaper Androbot Live Wallpaper v2.4.2

Android robot playing trick on your home screen