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Bumpy Bouncy Car Bumpy Bouncy Car v1.0.0.1

Get ready to test you gaming instincts, speed and control by helping Bumpy the Bouncy Car collect all coins and avoid daring obstacles.

Motorbike Stuntman Motorbike Stuntman v6.0

‘Motorbike Stuntman’ is life like stunt game to challenge your biking skills to peak!

SplitIt SplitIt v1.0.2

SplitIt is twitch gaming distilled down to its purest form.

Controlling two magnet neon coloured blocks in unison, your simple task is to dodge left and right as you rocket endlessly upwards through its vertically-scrolling course.

Road Trip Action Road Trip Action v1.01.1

Do you have the stunt DNA in you? Try out this game and set out for some driving action to test the same!
Road Trip Action is all about cars, stunts, loops, hammers and wacky level designs! The game is set to test you to your driving limits.

Light Cycles Duel Light Cycles Duel v3.0.1

Two player lightcycling on it's best!

This game has fun OLD SCHOOL two player - legacy - gameplay like the old 8-bit and 16-bit days for your tablet. Based on a famous Light Cycles movie it is basically a lightcycles game.

Zombie Road Rampage Zombie Road Rampage v1.0.0

The Zombies have taken the city. Its up to you to save it!
Crush the zombies with your motorcycle. The further you go, the more difficult it gets! How far can you get?

Twin Runners Twin Runners v1.2

A fun physic based runner. Swap gravity, slide and preserve Yin and Yang.

Swing Bus Swing Bus v1.1

Do not hit any car in your way. Feel you own like a real swing bus driver.

Clumsy Spy Clumsy Spy v1.0.16

Clumsy Spy - You will fly on the fire extinguisher through the dark caves.

Super Line Rush Super Line Rush v2.0.1

Feel the rush, stay in the line and DO NOT let your ball hit the wall !
Now with online multiplayer & tournaments by Fuel !

Ultra Drift Ultra Drift v1.0.3

Ultra Drift is an amazing fast pace running game with very simple design and extremely challenging gameplay. Get into action by pressing on the screen to sling your car around corners with a rope and avoid getting off the track. It’s so delicated that even a single mistake can cost you a whole running session.

Super Light Cycles Super Light Cycles v1.5.0.0

A retro style action game based on the TRON movie and video game from the 80's. Can you beat the computer or another player?

Pudding Tap Tap Tap Pudding Tap Tap Tap v1.4

Puddings and icebergs collide with passion. Two cute little puddings amove forward bravely despite the obstructions of iceberg on the way. While little puddings move faster, the iceberg also sets more greater obstacles.The way ahead becomes more difficult with icebergs on both sides and floating ice in the middle.How far can two small puddings run? Can they reach the other side of a happy place? Everything depends on your two finger!

Tappy Racer Tappy Racer v1.0

Tapping your way in the traffic is not as easy as it seems. You won't last long

Car Slalom Car Slalom v1.7

Classic arcade style racing game. Are you ready for the ride?

R-Liner Full R-Liner Full v1.5

Arcade tron game for 2-4 players !

SketchBook Race SketchBook Race v1.5.5

Amazing arcade racing game with cool design! This is Sketchbook Race!

Running Pony 3D: Little Race Running Pony 3D: Little Race v1.06

The cute 3d pony goes on to run the little race and avoid all of the obstacles!

Red Dot Racing Red Dot Racing v1.2

Do you think that you can make it into TOP20 in this new addicting highscores racing game? The game is 100% free and does not contain and In-App purchases.

KaFa KaFa v2.0

"KaFa" is a reflex game in which you as “Ka" should help “Fa" to Trip in borders.