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Greedy Zombie Greedy Zombie v1.7

You're a zombie on the street, you must eat all the people but be careful around landmines, because they'll explode if you touch them.

Use the accelerometer to move and grab power ups to keep on eating.

Remember you are a greedy zombie don´t disappoint me.

Simon Says Follow me Simon Says Follow me v2.1

Train your memories with Simon Says Game!

Simon game is a game where you have to remember the color order that comes out and then tap it back in the correct order
This game is fun, but also have abilities train our brain memory to become stronger by remembering each order that comes either by button's light or by the sound.

Enjoy! :)

All feedback to improve the game is appreciated ^^

Easter Tile Mahjong Easter Tile Mahjong v2.3

Play the popular Solitaire Mahjong game with colorful Easter Egg tile pattern sets. Contains six boards. Earlier levels are easy enough for all ages to play.

eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator v1.1.3 SLideMe

Start your journey through the world of weapons with eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator. With this gun simulator you will have the best modified simulations of some of the most famous weapons. Pistols and rifles, machine gun and shotgun are ready, you only need to download eWeapons™ Ultimate Weapon Simulator and that's it

Mining Game Clock Mining Game Clock v1.54

Real sunrise/sunset clock based a clock item from one popular sandbox block mining/construction game.

Felipe Femur Postcards Felipe Femur Postcards v1.0.2

Felipe Femur is on a road trip with some of his monstrous best friends.

Flood Extreme Flood Extreme v0.43

The best flood game on the market! In this highly addictive puzzle game you have to fill the board with a single color in less than allowed steps.

Connect Connect v1.46

Connect - nice, simply, addictive and challenging game!

Touch and move red fields to connect grey dots with lines. Sounds easy? Try it!

Tower of Masters Tower of Masters v1.1.11

Puzzle in which players will cope with the challenges 6 masters of magic towers

Tarabanya Free Tarabanya Free v3.0.5

Tarabanya - talking pet. He repeats your voice its funny voice. You can play and communicate with him.
- talking character
- 3 backgrounds
- you can touch and stroke a rabbit
- pet may be offended
- possibility of regulating the sensitivity of the sound
- gaming indicators: food, communication, entertainment and common mood
- mood: happy, normal, sad, very happy and very sad
- different behaviors at varying pet mood
- advertisement

Bug Smasher Bug Smasher v1.7

Bug Smasher is a fun and addicting game to pass the time. Tap to smash all the bugs.

Archer Bow Shooting Archer Bow Shooting v1.93

The best archery game! Get bow, arrow and shoot! shoot! shoot!

This addictive game improve your skills! Practice your bow shooting skills and become a master of the world! Grab a Archer bow shooting game a show who is the best archer!
This is the best archery (with archer, bow and arrow shoot) game (with hd graphics, statistics) you can get!

Felipe Femur and Friends Felipe Femur and Friends v1.0.16

Unearth amusing new friends, activities, and games in Felipe Femur & Friends.

Acropa Sudoku Free Acropa Sudoku Free v5.3.3

The full version of the best Sudoku on any platform is now free for Android, supported by non-intrusive advertising (will display one ad at start up or new game, ad-free while playing the game.)
With Acropa Sudoku you will jump right in and have all the game controls at your finger tips! It is simple and elegant, yet it contains the most powerful Sudoku engine on any platform. Imagine 21 playing levels which literally give you access to Billions of auto generated, unique puzzles.

Another Lines Another Lines v1.21

Best choise award winner!
Best timekiller. Support SKINS and global Internet Scoreboard.

Another SameGame Another SameGame v1.98

Sitting in traffic or standing in line, these bubble game will help pass the time.

Support skins and more!

Coin Plunger Coin Plunger v1.9

The best coin pusher game came to market.
Yeah, try it for free, play it for free! No donations, no in-app purchases- we bring this fun and pleasure for You for free!

ARK Guide ARK Guide v0.0.107

(donation version) ARK: Survival Evolved guide, crafts and tools.

Burger Capitalist Burger Capitalist v1.5

A VERY addictive casual game in the yummy fast food universe!

Crazy Air Horn Crazy Air Horn v1.5b

Ruin the peace and grab everybody's attention with Crazy Air Horn! Play anything from a normal air horn to la cucuracha. Grab everyone's attention when you enter a room by playing medieval fanfare. You can even start your own race by playing a Race Horse bugle call.