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Women's Stamp Calendar Women's Stamp Calendar v1.0.6

"Women's Stamp Scheduler" is an innovative application that allows users to input the plan on your calendar quickly.

Angel Cards Angel Cards v1.04

Tarot Angel Cards will strengthen your intuition, rediscover some of your psychic abilities and at the same time strengthen your communication with angels by asking questions or pleading for help and guidance.

Every time you pull a card, you will awaken angel presence in your life and receive immediate message of angel love - that will direct you towards love for yourself and at the same time towards more loving relationships with other people.

YokubariDiary YokubariDiary v1.1.1

“YokubariDiary” is an application of diary that allows users to record all of the information women need.

Daily Deals 365 Daily Deals 365 v1.01

Discover and manage all your favorite daily deals in one app. Deals from Groupon, Living Social, Yelp, Zozi, Gilt City and many more.

Joognu Joognu v2.0.7

Joognu is the most beautiful way to store and gift memories to your child...

Affirmations - Feel Fabulous Affirmations - Feel Fabulous v1.0

These audio Affirmations are an instant mood changer. You’re very own secret weapon for success and positivity.

Feel fabulous today!

Daily Diary Daily Diary v1.0

Daily Diary is an app where you can make photos and write Text to this photos every day.

ImperiHome Lite ImperiHome Lite v1.9.0

ImperiHome is an innovative mobile solution to control your Home Automation system. From the office using your Android mobile or at home using your Android tablet, ImperiHome will connect to your preferred Home Automation system (Vera, ZiBase, Netatmo, eedomus, LightManager, IPX800, Koubachi) and will allow you to control your devices and get live status for each of them.

Screen Magnifier Screen Magnifier v1.3

Application designed to help you to see any small objects.

GhostVox GhostVox v1

A software ghost box for new and experienced ghost hunters!

World Military Ranks and Units World Military Ranks and Units v1.12

Are you a soldier or just interested in militaries? Check military ranks in USA, Polish and German armies. You can also check some army divisions and get some information about them.
More armies ranks and units will come soon.

Indian Food Recipes Indian Food Recipes v1.0

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach,’ housewives or professional ladies if really think so can grab their hands on online Indian Food Recipes, and feel the taste of exotic flavors of India.

Club Ufone Club Ufone v1.0

An amazing new social networking website exclusively for U, providing U a platform to come together and stay connected. Club Ufone is an exclusive online networking site that is user friendly and has a stringent privacy policy. Unlike other social networking websites, U can access Club Ufone both in English and Urdu languages.

Survey-n-More Survey-n-More v1.2.4

Mobile app for paid surveys, freebies, paid email, work at home opportunities, and more.

Things to do Things to do v1.5

Make yourself work

Indian Recipes Indian Recipes v1.1

Simple way to cook Indian recipes at your home using this Indian Recipe app.We have categorized the recipes in Vegetarian,Non-Vegetarian and Snacks. Every category has more than 100 recipes and you would enjoy tasting the real indian food.We also have images for all the recipes so that you can look at it before trying. Some popular dishes include butter chicken,mughlai dishes,bhel puri,paneer pakoda etc

Today in history Today in history v2.0

What Happened This Day In History. Facts and birthdays.

AutoSafe Drinking AutoSafe Drinking v2.0.1

Autosafe Drinking is a blood alcohol content (BAC) estimator which will help you not getting any sanctions or help you stay out of jail in more then 74 countryes.

MarketList MarketList v2.0

market alışverişi artık çok daha kolay, çok daha hızlı ! ürününü seç listeni oluştur !

Christmas Ringtones Christmas Ringtones v1.0

Get your phone ready for Christmas.
- download Christmas ringtones for free
- great collection of Christmas ringtones and more added daily
- multicultural ringtones in various languages