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Hypnotic Pulsator free version Hypnotic Pulsator free version v1.30

Experience a never ending flow of pulsating and hypnotizing patterns! This live wallpaper will light up your mobile with a stream of ever changing pulsating patterns with shining colors. It has a mind elevating effect, which makes it very suitable for meditation or just relaxing, while watching the shifting patterns.

This metaphysical app can induce lucid dreaming, if you watch it before you go to sleep. It can also can increase your clairvoyance and ESP.

Live Wallpaper: ICS Boot Live Wallpaper: ICS Boot v4.0.0

Live Wallpaper: ICS Boot Animation Live Wallpaper.
Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4 Boot Animation.

SpringFlow HD Free SpringFlow HD Free v1

Spring Flow Free Live Wallpaper, Beautiful and Softly Self Changing

Troll Attack Troll Attack v1.2

Dare you cross paths with this angry mountain Troll in this epic 3D live wallpaper inspired by Tolkien's world from the Hobbit.

Fireworks City At Night LWP Fireworks City At Night LWP v1.2

Enjoy the amazing Fireworks Effect animation on this Fireworks Effect City At Night Wallpaper

Neon Magic Neon Magic v1.2

Neon magic 3D animated Live Wallpaper with orbit and gyroscopic controls, please see the demo video below of this amazing live wallpaper.

The Neon Magic live wallpaper includes five stunning sprite animations from a graphics industry professional, beautiful and mesmerizing. The live wallpaper responds to touch and gyroscope pan/tilt of your device. Idea for phones and tablets.

Night Bench Night Bench v1.0

This app is designed for android versions from 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above.

An excellent nature scene (surrounded by an animated butterfly) on a night bench.

Werewolf Attack Werewolf Attack v1.2

Fear the howl of the Werewolf on the full moon with this stunning 3D live wallpaper. Navigate your home screen in a finger ripping frenzy as the Werewolf roams and attacks touch points. The 'Tavern on the Moor' scene reminiscent of the classic horror film American Werewolf. Walking the Moors after dark is the last mistake you'll ever make.

Fairy Mushroom Live Wallpaper Fairy Mushroom Live Wallpaper v1.0

This is mushroom world, mushroom houses can be seen everywhere. The flower fairies are owners of these fantastic houses, you can see now they are flying around in the forest. And more interesting thing is, the color of the mushroom can be changed in seconds.

Wallpaper Changer Wallpaper Changer v1.2

Change mobile home screen wallpaper from an image folder of your selection every 15 minutes (default) or choose the time interval to change wallpaper.

Angels and Fairies HD Live Wallpaper Angels and Fairies HD Live Wallpaper v1.0

Best Angels HD Live Wallpaper . Enjoy this is free.

3D Cherry Blossom Livewallpaper 3D Cherry Blossom Livewallpaper v1.0.2

Cherry Blossom Wallpaper 3D(Free)!
Every spring pink cherry blossoms always come to us and show off her beauty.
Beautiful and Realitic Cherry Blossom will dance.

Moon Beach at Night Moon Beach at Night v1.0.0

Feel and watch the calming scenery of Beach at Night with full moon on your android screen!

Gamma ray burst free version Gamma ray burst free version v1.16

Gamma-ray bursts are the brightest and most powerful events in the universe. This is your chance to experience it in your mobile!

If you love exploring the universe & its wonders, you will enjoy this awesome 3D simulation. All observed Gamma-ray bursts have originated from outside the Milky Way galaxy, billions of light years away from Earth. They are flashes of rays from extremely energetic explosions in distant galaxies.

Zombie Flood Zombie Flood v1.3

A flood of zombies is trying to take over your phone. Touch to destroy them.

Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood v1.0

Simple portrait Live Wallpaper - Little Red Riding Hood

Burst the Balloons Burst the Balloons v1.0

A simple balloon Live wallpaper + Game which gives you an excellent entertainment.

Renoir Gallery Free Live Wallpaper Renoir Gallery Free Live Wallpaper v1.3

This free Live Wallpaper brings you more than 45 of the most popular paintings from the French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Renoir was a leading painter of the impressionist style. He lived from 1841–1919.

Heart Balloons Heart Balloons v1.0

A beautiful flying heart ballons for valentine day.Enjoy it!

- High quality graphics
- Beautiful animations for heart balloons
- Compatible with all portrait resolutions and devices
- Improved battery management

Home->Long Press->-Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->Heart Balloons

Fish n Bubble LWP Fish n Bubble LWP v0.1.7

Enjoy watching the tropical fish swimming around while you pop
some bubbles. Don't touch the fish or they might
try to move away from your finger!