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i-Motivate (Free Edition) i-Motivate (Free Edition) v1.0

A simple free mobile app for an accumulative motivation analysis with lots of motivational quotes with a monthly report of the percentage of being happy during this month.

Brightest Flashlight Free Brightest Flashlight Free v1.1

Brightest Flashlight – Free of Charge
* Turns on all available lights on the device
* Camera Flash LED at Maximum
* Screen at Maximum
* Keyboard Backlight at Maximum
* Soft Keys Backlight at Maximum
* Notification LED at Maximum
* Automatic Timer Exits Application after 90 Seconds
* Audio Effects on Start and Stop
* Shutdown Countdown Timer
* Unobtrusive Ads
* Best Flashlight App for dark conditions v1.0

Il Portale della ristorazione italiana! A app production featuring the latest updates from for cooking and chef food lovers. Download today and enjoy a good read over your next lunch meal. Una produzione app con gli ultimi aggiornamenti dal per gli amanti della cottura dei cibi e chef. Scarica oggi e godere di una buona lettura sul vostro pasto a pranzo successivo. rss, feeds, content, latest updates, blog, social networks

TheFind TheFind v1.1.5.1

Don't miss a shopping deal. Search for 400M products across 150K merchants.

Funny Party Jokes Funny Party Jokes v1.0

Enjoy a collection of funny jokes to share with your friends and family. If you like jokes then you'll love to laugh with your best friends. Enjoy this collection and try to create your own new jokes or memorize these and share them at your next party or date. free jokes, joke, funny, hilarious

Nigeria Headlines Nigeria Headlines v1.0

News headlines from Nigeria aggregated for your convenience in your Android device.

Marraige Quotes Marraige Quotes v1.0

Funny Marriage Quotes Around the world please read the quotes and enjoy fun quote, sayings, famous quotes, free quotes, writing, book

Funny Guy Jokes Funny Guy Jokes v1.0

Do you ever need to get a good impression on yourself by telling jokes? Well now you can with Funny Guy Jokes! Have fun laughing while getting a good impression. pickme up, knock knock, wisdom, advice, tips, quotes, free quote, joke

Random Life Facts Random Life Facts v1.0

Have you ever wanted to know random facts to show off your friends Course you have. This app will help you show your friends what you know and make them seem speechless. How far can a lion's roar be heard from? In the average lifetime, how far will you walk? free quotes, free wisdom, tips and advice, sayings, words

Kissing Dares And Truths Kissing Dares And Truths v1.0

This is a fun and entertaining game to play with your hot girl friends or guy friends. Challenge them to a game of truths and dares and trade kisses with each other in interesting ways. truth or dare, funny, crazy, party game


A.M.K Labs presents "CELTIC CROSS"!


A.M.K Labs presents "LAGERFELD PINK" for your android phone!


A.M.K presents "VALENTINE" clock & wallpapers!

Predict-o-Puter Predict-o-Puter v0.95

Curious about the future? Unable to live without external guidance? Then let the wise and ancient Predict-o-Puter be your fortune teller, because it's the only machine wise and ancient enough to tell it like it is, not like you want it.

Urbo Urbo v1.1.2

Urbo App (formerly called UrboPEDIA) - designed for the Romanian market.

If you were ever in need of an ATM nearby, or a non-stop drug store or maybe you were just looking for a cheap shaorma place late at night, then you probably realised the need to look for all these places on your phone, rather than roam around without any actual idea of what you are looking for. Urbo App is here to help you find all these places and more, in all major cities in Romania.

StopWatch StopWatch v1.1

Shake your device to start the timer.
another shake for pause
two shakes for Reset
Set laps.
pause and resume.
exciting interface.


A.M.K Labs presents "ARIES"!


A.M.K Labs presents "TAURUS"!

St. Patrics Day St. Patrics Day v1.0

Happy St. Patric's Day!!

Camera Diary Camera Diary v1.01

Capture each memorable moment of your life using your Android camera.

* Capture the location where photo was taken
* View location - all or one by one entry in map
* Add description to photos
* Add an event name for a selected day
* Search entries