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OhFark OhFark v1.9.3

OhFark (AKA Farkle) is a fun dice game that can be played by the entire family!

Nim Nim v1.2.3

Make the computer take the last match.

Blocker Blocker v1.1.1

Strategically place blocks on a grid to maximize your points. Adjacent like-colored blocks increase your point value. Keep your blocks together while preventing your opponent from doing the same! Gameplay is similar to tic-tac-toe or dots.

emphaSize TicTacToe emphaSize TicTacToe v2.3.0

A traditional game is now brought to a new dimension where size really matters.

This classic simple game becomes really hard when it comes to size. What makes difference in "emphaSize TicTacToe" is the option to choose the board size and the win pattern size which totally changes the game strategy and brings a new challenge to it.

ZeeWee! GOLD ZeeWee! GOLD v1.10.1

"ZeeWee! GOLD has got the Best Apps Award!" ...from Best Apps Market

Miss the thrill of a dice game but looking for something new and more challenging? If you crave a dice game that requires more challenge and skill to win, then you will go crazy over ZeeWee! This is a new challenging and exciting dice game played with 6 dice where all players share the same dice rolls to build their combinations. Try out the new ZeeWee! dice game today!

Secret Code Secret Code v1.1.8

Cows and Bulls is a code breaking fun game

Christmas Candopoly Christmas Candopoly v2.3

Christmas Candopoly is a Monopoly like board game for all ages!

Control the Flow Control the Flow v1.1

Your mind will be pushed to the limits in this high pressure and challenging game of strategy and engineering. Your mission in "Control the Flow" is to create an underground pipe network with a limited selection of pipe pieces before the flow starts....flowing! Each level will challenge your skills as you encounter obstacles and limited pipe pieces. Find a way connect the two ends of the pipe together before time runs out, and you will have controlled the flow!

MoaMoa MoaMoa v1.9

I'll put everything together!!! Put'em together!!