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Cube Defense Cube Defense v1.4

You must defend your green cube buddies against hoards of evil red cubes!

Shadow Crawler Shadow Crawler v1.0

Car game with various Missions, Vehicle/Truck/Bus Simulators and Shooting.

DyBlo DyBlo v1.1

Dynamic Blocks: a fast game with freely adjustable rules!

Elements Wizard Elements Wizard v1

Defend your cities, master new spells and summon allies to win the battle.

African Big Game Hunting African Big Game Hunting v1.3

Get into the immersive world of an African big game hunt! Scout for elephants, giraffe, zebra, lions, and more! Ride through wild African terrain in pursuit of some of the most sought after exotic animals and experience it all as if you were there.

Warlock and Warrior Warlock and Warrior v1.0.0

Welcome in the world of Warlock and Warrior!
Fight the evil Warlock and his minions.
Find the exit of the maze and make this Planet a better place to be.

Mojo Emoji Mojo Emoji v1.2

Join Mojo Emoji on his rescue mission.
Mojo Emoji's cute little pink girl friend got lost in a crazy giant maze build by the ancient Emojis.
Hurry, Maja is in danger and waits for you. Don't be a wimp, be her hero!
Download now and let the fun begin!

Helicopter Air Gunship War Helicopter Air Gunship War v1.0

Modern strike game is on action and this will kill your bore time

Minimal Minimal v1.4

Funny minimalistic jump and run platform . Easy to play, 200+ Levels. Free.

Duck Hunter Duck Hunter v1.0.1

Duck hunting season has begun, immediately grab your gun and start shooting

Tsukai Ninja Tsukai Ninja v1.9

Prove your Ninja skills: fight samurai, jump over rocks and slide under dragons.

Save The Army 2 Save The Army 2 v1.0.3

Save the army as soon as possible before it is eaten by a shark in the ocean.

Finger Safari Finger Safari v1.3.0

How many nuts can you collect before you get bitten?

MarineTroopAttack MarineTroopAttack v1.0.2

Your Aim is to Shoot the bad guys and accomplish missions.
- 3D graphics
- Series of Missions
- Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!
- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREME MISSIONS
- More Missions coming soon!
- Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!
Don't miss a single Shots!
Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!
Download Marine Troop Attack.More Updates are coming soon

TinyTanksWarfare TinyTanksWarfare v1.35

Defeat enemy tanks and overcome challenging obstacles in tiny tank warfare. 100 levels through 4 worlds with lots of upgrades and power-ups for your tank. Can you battle your way into space?

fourlegs fourlegs v1.4.0

Jump higher with the grace of your best!
This unpresented style of 'Art jumping' game will feed your eyes, so keep your eyes opened!

Ninja Escape Ninja Escape v1.6

Run, jump, and dodge your way through 10+ action-packed levels in this new, highly addictive, action-arcade style side-scroller!

Duck Hunting Duck Hunting v1.0.7

Classic Duck Hunt in the new format.

Destroy Chemical Weapon Destroy Chemical Weapon v1.1

Destroy chemical weapon and save the world. You have the responsibility to defend the world against chemical weapons. Perfectly target the chemical missile and hit them to destroy before it launch. Be careful for public life, plane and cars. Game play is simple but challenging and addictive. Let's play it to save the world and enjoy.

Good Jumps Good Jumps v1.0.2

Pure platforming that you jump and bounce on platforms.