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Fool's Bells Fool's Bells v2.0

The Fool is the eternal child beginning the journey to enlightenment.

Vixen Vixen v1.0

Elegant and edgy, vixen is a tense tango cutting through the jungle of the urban underground.

Bafflegab Bafflegab v1.0

Stan Rogal's second novel is the story of one writer's journey through the urban wilderness.

Swimming in the Ocean Swimming in the Ocean v1.0

Swimming In The Ocean is about tossing secrets into the water to become free from the bonds.

Loving This Man Loving This Man v1.0

Like Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy, Althea Prince's new novel beautifully traces a woman's struggle.

Desire High Heels Red Wine Desire High Heels Red Wine v2.0

From Canada comes a lively sampling of short stories and poems.

Side/Lines: A New Canadian Poetics Side/Lines: A New Canadian Poetics v1.0

This anthology offers refereshing, cogent and insightful explanations of why young poets.

Guilty Guilty v1.0

Cassidy is dead and Jack is guilty, that's for sure. But of what, exactly, we're not certain.

The Pleasures of Time The Pleasures of Time v2.0

American-born Stephen Harold Riggins and French-born Paul Bouissac have been partners.

Stain of the Berry Stain of the Berry v2.0

Everyone has their Boogeyman. But who - or what - is scaring Saskatoon locals to death?

The Mole Chronicles The Mole Chronicles v2.0

In the spirit of Susan Sontag's Illness as Metaphor or Jonathan Lethem's Fortress of Solitude.

Contract with the World Contract with the World v2.0

In Contract with the World, the setting is Vancouver, and the time is the mid-1970s.

This Is Not For You This Is Not For You v1.0

This Is Not For You, perhaps Rule's most self-consciously literary and philosophical novel.

Julian the Magician Julian the Magician v1.0

The Insomniac Library is proud to reissue Gwendolyn MacEwen's first novel.

King of Egypt, King of Dreams King of Egypt, King of Dreams v2.0

The Insomniac Library is proud to reissue Gwendolyn MacEwen's second novel.

Flame of Separation Flame of Separation v2.0

Dexter Cooke: a child of privilege, loved by his parents, adored by his peers.

Pink Icing Pink Icing v1.0

Telling stories of ordinary lives with extraordinary skill, Pamela Mordecai draws delicately detaile.

Flight of Aquavit Flight of Aquavit v2.0

At the dead end of a desolate country road, a late night meeting suddenly becomes an ambush.

Amuse Bouche Amuse Bouche v2.0

A gay wedding gone bad. A missing groom. An unsullied reputation at risk. Enter Russell Quant.

Tapas on the Ramblas Tapas on the Ramblas v2.0

Charity Wiser, matriarch of the Wiser clan by virtue of her wealth and power.