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Desire List Desire List v1.07

If you want to buy an iPad or drive a nicer car, yet you do not have enough money to pay for it, you can start saving money now with our app. All you need to do is to save $10 here, and $15 there. Pretty soon, you will have enough money to pay for what you want. Desire List is a perfect app to stay financially disciplined for your goals. You can keep track of how much money you have saved, and how much more that is still needed.

DealMe DealMe v1.0

DealMe is a lightweight deal finder and browser that will help you find great deals on items you are shopping for.

Woomark Woomark v1.2.0

Woomark is a FREE location-based geosocial networking App for Android. Publish, Share, Discover places like restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, museums, outdoor centers, and thousands of other spots of interest worldwide!

Funny Guy Jokes Funny Guy Jokes v1.0

Do you ever need to get a good impression on yourself by telling jokes? Well now you can with Funny Guy Jokes! Have fun laughing while getting a good impression. pickme up, knock knock, wisdom, advice, tips, quotes, free quote, joke


A.M.K Labs presents "LAGERFELD PINK" for your android phone!

Lịch Việt Lịch Việt v1.4.6

Lunar Calendar for Vietnamese

Ứng dụng đơn giản dùng để xem lịch dùng cho người Việt.

Chức năng:
* Xem theo ngày
* Xem theo tháng
* Widget ngày/tháng
* Chọn ngày Âm - Dương
* Thêm sự kiện (tích hợp với Calendar có sẵn của hệ thống)

JustReader JustReader v1.0.10

Read your favorite feeds anywhere you want!

secqMeAndriod secqMeAndriod v1 is a new way of protecting individual (especially for woman and children) by ofter them a "virtual" guardian angel that watch over them, should they being force in any unwanted situation, or in emergency, our service will automatically notify user's friend and family via email and SMS, without any intervention from user.

User's friend and family will able to track user's location, his/her status from our portal.

St. Patrics Day St. Patrics Day v1.0

Happy St. Patric's Day!!

Urbo Urbo v1.1.2

Urbo App (formerly called UrboPEDIA) - designed for the Romanian market.

If you were ever in need of an ATM nearby, or a non-stop drug store or maybe you were just looking for a cheap shaorma place late at night, then you probably realised the need to look for all these places on your phone, rather than roam around without any actual idea of what you are looking for. Urbo App is here to help you find all these places and more, in all major cities in Romania.

Message From The Universe Message From The Universe v1.6

Universe has a message for you.
Wise sentences to cheer you up.
No ads.

Color Index Color Index v1.2

Do you know how many colors in the world? How many colors can you identify?
Your best color indicator.
Use this to adjust the color, or as a reference. It is very useful for a artist designer.

Calasdo Calasdo v1.1

Remember what you forgot...?
The ultimate shopping list (ad free)!

Bookatable Bookatable v1.0

Bookatable for Android is a FREE and easy way for you to find and book 1000's of restaurants in the UK, across Europe and major US cities.

From fine dining to everyday occasions, Bookatable puts the best restaurants, the most popular restaurant chains and the hottest deals at your fingertips!

I Go Shop I Go Shop v1.1.1

I Go Shop is a fast and very simple way to handle your shopping list.

I Go Shop lite I Go Shop lite v1.1.1

I Go Shop is a fast and very simple way to handle your shopping list.

Tibetian Heart Sutra Tibetian Heart Sutra v1.3

The Heart Sutra as recited by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

It is one of the most well-known Buddhist scriptures. Although it is short, it is rich in meaning, encapsulating the essential concepts of Buddhist beliefs or philosophies.

Listen and meditate in peace.

TheFind TheFind v1.1.5.1

Don't miss a shopping deal. Search for 400M products across 150K merchants.

StopWatch StopWatch v1.1

Shake your device to start the timer.
another shake for pause
two shakes for Reset
Set laps.
pause and resume.
exciting interface.

KissDroid KissDroid v6.0

New Features in this version :

Support app2sd
Bugs fixed