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Eye Planet Eye Planet v1.1.2

One spaceship... and lots of weird mutant eyes.

Retro Time Pilot Retro Time Pilot v1.53

Be a time pilot! Travel and change the history!

GoodToBe GoodToBe v1.6

GoodToBe is a simple arcade game for all the family.

Jumping Jelly Monsters Jumping Jelly Monsters v1.0.4

"Jumping Jelly Monsters" is the bright exiting game in the candy world!

ZigaZaga2 ZigaZaga2 v1.3

Go through all the zigzags.
Enjoy 3D graphics.

World of Aircrafts: Spitfire World of Aircrafts: Spitfire v1.0

Second World War aicraft game. Combat flight simulator with a Spitfire

EggDrop EggDrop v1.1.6

Catch falling eggs in your basket by swiping just one finger! Simple addictive arcade.

Tractor: Build and Drive Tractor: Build and Drive v1.3

Build tractor with best performances and try to achieve different task with it.

Zombie Trek Driver Survival Zombie Trek Driver Survival v1.25

Speed, Fear & Zombies!!!
Surviving is not easy, you can stay in the dark surrounded by zombies that will tear you into pieces if you do not keep charging the battery of your vehicle.
To keep the lights on you will need to collect the batteries that you find along the way, but avoid the obstacles. The obstacles make you blind, run the battery down and make you go so fast you completely lose control.
Remember: Battery = 0 = dark = death.

MaxSpeed MaxSpeed v1.0.0

Score a maximum of points at the maximum speed. Without advertizing

Pixie Pixie v0.0.46

Fly with beautiful fairies in a very addictive copter style touch to fly game!

Throw the ball Throw the ball v1.0

Throw off the ball so that it hit the target.

Diggity Free Diggity Free v1.06

Diggity: an old-school addictive miner

Wings on Fire Wings on Fire v1.15

Are you ready to burn your wings? Your mission is simple: Bomb the enemy base!
But do you have what it takes to reach there?
Wings on Fire invites you to an endless challenge you have never seen before!

IronKnight IronKnight v0.97.1

IronKnight is a fantasy side-scrolling beat'm up, with a style reminiscent of the old arcade games.

MechStorm MechStorm v1.0

Metal Storm is a networked shooting game with scoreboard, the game uses flight shooting mode, players not only efforts forward flight, but also eliminate the oncoming enemy. During the game, players can upgrade metal equipment and skills, buy a variety of props and also.

Brick Games Brick Games v2.1

Classic Games (4 in 1) are in colors now: Bricks, Snake, Race, Tanks

Mr Candy Mr Candy v1.0

Mr Candy loves sugar. He wants eat to eat all candies of universe and you must guide him to reach his target.

StickManZR StickManZR v1.0

Run Stick Man Run!

On the other edge On the other edge v1.0.0

Help the hero to go through all the levels and find out what awaits him at the end.