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Kids Geometric Shapes full Kids Geometric Shapes full v6

Kids Geometric Shapes is a game, designed to familiarize children aged 1 - 4 years with colours and shapes. It develops skills for the use of tables and phones in creative ways.
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قياسي قياسي v1.0.3

◀ قياسي لعبة شيقه لإختبار قدراتك من خلال مجموعة كبيرة من الأسئلة في مجالات متعددة ومستويات مختلفه تساعدك على الفهم و التحليل وتنمية العقل و مشاركه معدلاتك من الآخرين للمنافسه .

Animal Sounds for Kids Animal Sounds for Kids v1.0

Animal Adventure, the best way for your kid to learn animal sounds and develop skills with nice colorfull animals. Navigate in the landscape and click on the animals to hear their sound!

Fruit Catcher Fruit Catcher v1.1

Eating fruits is good for your health. As fruits fall from the sky you can try to catch as many as you can. But wait, you must prefer in-season fruits. These are better both for your health and the environment. When fruits are falling, slide your device to move the basket and catch them.

Fun With Fruits Fun With Fruits v1.2.1

This game is not only for kids but also for everyone. It is the basic memory game and it has three categories: Easy, hard and time based.

What Country Is This? What Country Is This? v1.1

Learning geography has never been easier! With "What Country is This?" you have the opportunity to explore the world, view it's countries and check out all the relevant data of any country: Population, GDP, government, capital, largest cities, currency, flags and more.

Dino Digger Dino Digger v2.0.5

Dig up dinosaur bones, build them into interactive 3D skeletons, and bring your dino bones to life!

Fruit Matching Fruit Matching v1.0

There are three categories for training: Easy, medium and hard. You have to match the same fruits as fast as possible.

Animal Matching Animal Matching v1.0

There are three categories for training: Easy, medium and hard.

BalloonMaker BalloonMaker v1.3.2

Inflate and pop vibrantly colored balloons in this simple, yet highly entertaining app. The realistic, balloon-like motions and sounds are fun for all ages.

Aquarium Aquarium v3.1

Aquarium - Discover Fish is a free app which contains spectacular photographs of approximately 60 species of unique, beautiful and interesting sea creatures.

MemoryMatch for Kids MemoryMatch for Kids v1.0

Memory Match for Kids is a great game for your little children up to 1 year.
Challenge the memory by matching the same pictures. The pictures are hidden. Need your memory to remember them!
Train first motor and visual skills your Children with Memory Match.

Hangman Hangman v1.1

Welcome to The Hangman (EN FR ES PT)

You have to guess the hidden word by chosing letters. A part of the body of the hangman is drawn each time you miss a letter, if the body gets completed you lose.

There are 4 languages available, that you can select on the main menu

Animals Learning Animals Learning v1.1.7

Exciting app for toddlers to know animals names, appearance and sounds. A cute animals and sounds can fully attract the child's attention; and succeed in the purpose of learning through playing, and playing while learning.

Three amazing games in one application!

Animal Sounds Animal Sounds v1.0

Game made for kids to easy learn different animal sounds through playing.

Logic Math Quiz Logic Math Quiz v1.0.1

Try to solve how many quiz as you can! Don't get out of mind!

Geography Quiz 3D Geography Quiz 3D v1.0

Fun game for all the fans of geography quizzes and race games! Get Geography Quiz Game 3D , this addictive quiz game is great for gaining new geography knowledge! And it's so much fun! Race around the world with other players, answer geography questions, complete achievements and have fun playing this geography game!

Flags Mania Flags Mania v1.03

Develop your cognitive skills, practice your memorization, and learn the flags of different countries all at the same time while playing this fun, educational, and addictive game.

Zoo Memory Zoo Memory v1.02

Your children can learn zoo animals and hear their real sounds with Zoo Memory

Math Arena+ Math Arena+ v1.0.0

A fun, sports-based math game - practice and improve your math skills.

Children (and adults) love playing sports, and Math Arena combines sports with learning to reinforce and encourage simple mental arithmetic.