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Infinity Piano Keyboard Infinity Piano Keyboard v4.0.0

Infinity Piano Keyboard Live Wallpaper.

Mistify Wallpaper Mistify Wallpaper v1.2

This wallpaper is like windows mystify screensaver, but with more features.

√ Thurn on/off motion blur effect.
√ Choose motion blur count.
√ Choose from 3 different shape ( line, 3-Sided Poligon, 4-Sided Poligon)
√ Choose shape count.
√ Change backgroun color.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

Text Effects LWP-Free Text Effects LWP-Free v1.2

Text Effects Live Wallpaper to bring life to your text.

Mystic Night Mystic Night v1.0.4

We offer you to enjoy the beauty of the night sky in a full moon. Animated Live Wallpaper "Mystical Night" for Android is the story of a mysterious night. In the sky so brightly lit star and occasionally passing clouds. In the quiet of the surrounding nature can be heard only the rustle of leaves on the trees, and here and there comes a mysterious glow of fireflies.

Magnificent Magnificent v1.0.1

A nice colorful live wallpaper for anybody and everybody to enjoy!

Battery Lights (Free) Battery Lights (Free) v1.1.0

Show your device's battery status, while ambient lights float on the background

Sakura HD WallPaper Sakura HD WallPaper v1.0

Beautiful High Definiation Sakura Flowers for your Android mobiles.

Ascent to transcendence Live WP Ascent to transcendence Live WP v1.4

Travel through space and time into parallel realities with this app. You will experience alien worlds filled with shining constellations. Each constellation contains stars surrounded by plasma fields. Start your Ascent to transcendence now!

This app can be used for mindfulness meditation or practicing astral projection. It can also be fun to watch while raving on a rave party or just waiting for a train that never comes.

3D Gyroscope Free 3D Gyroscope Free v1.1

Gyroscope 3D is a live wallpaper that simulates a 3D mechanical gyroscope.

Rings LWP Rings LWP v1.0

Rings Live wallpaper gives you live movement of the VIBGYOR rings.

3D Space Live Wallpaper 3D Space Live Wallpaper v1.70

3D Space Live Wallpaper HD is a live wallpaper which gives you the pleasure to make your own fun and beautiful space.

Fireflies Free Fireflies Free v1.0

Fireflies is a real time hardware accelerated (OpenGL ES 2) interactive and highly customizable live wallpaper with very realistic 3D light reflection effect.

Gems 3D Live Wallpaper Gems 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.3

Amazingly nice wallpaper with 3d gems. Colorful, attractive and addictive.

Magic Night Forest Magic Night Forest v1.0.3

Magic Forest Live Wallpaper is amazing dynamic android live wallpaper for you smartphone or tablet. Dive into the mysterious animated world of magic and mystery, enjoy beatiful glowing tree, deer, fireflies, falling leaves and lots of other customizable effects and animations on your own magic forest glade.

White Scrolling Live Wallpaper White Scrolling Live Wallpaper v1.0

Beautiful White wallpapers, just swipe to change!

Benin mask glows LWP Benin mask glows LWP v1.0

nigerian benin mask with interactive falling items(coweries and stuff)

Dragon3D Live Wallpaper Dragon3D Live Wallpaper v1.5

Animated mythical creature on your home screen

Stir Stir v2.0

Be mesmerized by perpetual swirly motion of this interactive fluid LWP. Swipe the screen to stir up vortices, and be mesmerized by the ensuing perpetual swirly motion. Double tap repeatedly to dampen the whirlpools and slow things down.

Flying island Flying island v1.3

Flying island, live wallpaper.
Get your own piece of world.

Clovers Live Wallpaper Clovers Live Wallpaper v1.0

Simple live wallpaper (ideal for Saint Patrick's Day too). The clovers appear at random places, grow and finally disappear but new ones pop up.