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CardBuffet CardBuffet v0.2

Send Personalized Greeting Cards to Anyone from your Smartphone!

Create Cards to Send to Your Friends, with Your Personalised Greeting Message, Holiday Wishes, and Your Photos!

Pick a Background Theme, Import a Photo from Your Gallery, Type in Your Message, Customize the Message Style, and Send it to Your Friends!

Best Gifts for this Festive Season!

Love & Romance Quotes Love & Romance Quotes v1.0

Sometimes the heart wants to speak volumes when only a few, well chosen words are really necessary.Well, love quotes and sayings always come handy in such situations!Together, they speak not only to our heart, but the hearts of the ones we love. Like slings of arrows, they pour forth with wisdom, wit, affection and longing, always on target, unerring in their course, for the entire world to hear. Find the perfect love quotes here and let them speak for you.

Flowers Astrology Flowers Astrology v1.2

Why you like Rose not Sunflower..?
Why you Dis like Honeysuckle..
Is your characters have influence on your favorite flowers..? The answer is Yes definitely!
Flower Astrology may actually tell based on your favorite flower It tells: 
- Your personality...
- Your Nature..

- Your inner self... 

- Your outer self... 
and lot more! 

Read our analysis and think yourself to agree! So, what's your favorite flower?
Take a look at the list of Flower Astro in this app and choose one.

Fruit Astrology Fruit Astrology v1.2

Why you like Apple fruit not Custard Apple..?
Why you Dis like coconut..
Is your characters have influence on your fruit eating habit..? The answer is Yes definitely!
Fruit Astrology may actually tell based on your favorite fruit It tells: 
- Your personality...
- Your Nature..

- Your inner self... 

- Your outer self... 
and lot more! 

Read our analysis and think yourself to agree! So, what's your favorite fruit?
Take a look at the list of Fruits Astro in this app and choose one.

Gasztromankó receptek Gasztromankó receptek v1.7

Read Hungarian recipes on yor phone! - A Gasztromankó alkalmazás segítségével a legfrissebb receptjeimet olvashatod időrendben, 5 kategóriába (Legfrissebb, Főétel, Leves, Torta, Egyéb süti) gyűjtve.

Updated: 2012.02.23
Updated: 2012.09.25 - Improved, images handling function.
Updated: 2012.10.10 - Content caching.

Shreenathji Shreenathji v1.0.2

ShreeNathji Darshan Application
This application helps Thakurji ShreeNathji devotees to have darshan while they are on move. Following are salient features:
- Govardhan Leela by Shree Krishna
- Apperance of Alokik Bhuja
- Ghumar cow feeding Shreeji
- Shreeji appering at Naro's house
- ShreeNathji - Vallabhacharaya Bhent
- KrishnRadha Merging in to ShreeNathji
- Mangla Darshan
- Shringar Darshan
For more details visit :

Minnesota Basketball Minnesota Basketball v1.0

Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball

Canada Radio Canada Radio v1.1

Listen to your favorite Canada music radio station everywhere!

Listen to Canada Music Radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

Wherever you go, take the best Canada music radio stations with you.

If you would like to add your favorite Station,please write to us.

Wish l!st Wish l!st v1.13

Manage all your wishes with Wish l!st.

Wish l!st allows you to manage all the items you want to buy in the future by adding them to your wishlist.

- Manage items in your wishlist
- Stores relative information like price, priority and comments
- Add pictures to your items
- Purchased history
- Quick item overview
- Sorting by category, title or priority
- Customizable categories list
- Subtotals
- Share gift ideas with your friends

Font Clock Font Clock v1.0

Font Clock Widget is a home screen clock for Android
Font Clock Widget change 9 Fonts, Color.
To use the widget:
- Long press empty space on the home screen
- Select Widgets
- Select Font Clock Widget

Pocketsure Pocketsure v1.5

Insurance directly from your mobile in the UK. All your insurance documents kept right where you want them, on your phone, readily available. Current products include Travel Insurance and Extended Warranty insurance with more coming soon.

Everfriends Everfriends v3.0.270

Helpful & fun virtual assistant app with personality and a sense of humor!

Try this siri-ously great voice-driven app for Android while it is FREE!

Cute extraterrestrial Spoony, beautiful blonde Brainy, mysterious brunette Mary and charming Mei want to make friends with you! That’s right, with you! They will bring you news, search for any information you want, make calls, send messages or emails, cheer you up with jokes and games, and much, much more!

Love Horoscope Love Horoscope v1.0

How compatible are you with your partner? Lover or friend? Do you know that astrology can open for you secrets of compatibility between people simply by looking at their star sign? Love Horoscope will reveal these secrets for You!

Numerology Name Numerology Name v1.0.6

Do you know your NAME contains energy that affect people around you.
A GOOD Name match with your Date of Birth will help you to strengthen your weakness.

Find out the POWER OF YOUR NAME and how it reflect to others.

Speech Assistant For RSS Speech Assistant For RSS v1.0.1

Your Android reads out loud your favorite RSS feeds.

Budget Manager Budget Manager v1.2

This application is developed for all types of users to let them manage their monthly expenses.Use this application and take a command over your monthly budget.

Speech Assistant For BBC News Speech Assistant For BBC News v1.0.0

Your Android reads out loud BBC News

Ελληνικά Νέα (Blogs) Ελληνικά Νέα (Blogs) v1.1.1

Eλληνικά νέα και επικαιρότητα συγκεντρωμένα όπως φαίνονται από την σκοπιά των Ελληνικών blogs.

Fireplace II Fireplace II v1.1.0

That's a cool simulation that can turn any regular day into a remarkable, hot and romantic adventure for two, or simply keep you warm in a cold night. This application resembles a cracking and crackling realistic fireplace throwing sparks and playing sound that you can also set as your live wallpaper on devices running Android 2.1+ or as a static wallpaper on devices 2.0 and below. You can even touch the fire to create sparks with haptic feedback. We wish you a joyful warm-up ;)

Martenitsa Martenitsa v1.0.0

We wish You a "Happy Grandma Marta !" :) with this free virtual martenitsa.
Пожелаваме Ви "Честита Баба Марта !" :) с тази виртуална мартеница.