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Cabo Ruivo Cabo Ruivo v1.1

Cabo Ruivo is an application for the same-named online newspaper written in German and based in Switzerland. With this Android App you can catch the latest article on your smartphone.

AroundMe World AroundMe World v1.0.12

AroundMe World uses your current location allowing you to find nearest places around you!
It also allows you to browse whole planet and to select custom current search location simple by placing marker on map!!

Magic Convert Magic Convert v1.0.0.5

A great currency and units conversion utility!

BeNaughty BeNaughty v2.8.16

BeNaughty is a dating app with a difference – a fun and easy way to find singles in your area.

Cupid Cupid v2.8.16

Find partners for fun, dating and long term relationships via Cupid Android app now!

Flirt Flirt v2.8.16

Live. Love. Flirt. Android Mobile dating app for born flirts.

Spor Manşetleri Spor Manşetleri v1.24

1.19: Memory problemi giderildi, Haber Listesi gorunumu eklendi
1.11: Internet kullanimi %80 oraninda azaltildi. Faturalar sismesin, cepler terlemesin:)

Gündemdeki Spor Haberlerini bu uygulama ile takip edin.
Gazete web sitelerindeki manşetde yer alan haberleri ve detayları bu uygulama okuyabilirsiniz.
Haber detaylarını gormek icin sayfaya gitmenizi gerektiren uygulamaları bir yana bırakın.
Bu uygulama ile tek arayüz ile detayları da aynı sayfa icinde görebilirsiniz.

Esküvő Esküvő v1.0

Esküvő katalógus alkalmazás a nagy nap megtervezéséhez, megszervezéséhez.

Clock Watching (Free) Clock Watching (Free) v1.0

Time crawling? Clock Watching is a simple, intuitive countdown widget that lets you know exactly how much time is left of your working day, lecture, seminar, or any other event you want to track. It can also account for breaks, and calculate the time since an event e.g. breakfast.

PACKshare PACKshare v0.91

Search, manage, and even suggest new causes that you can track and donate to!

Lovers Spots Lovers Spots v1.3

Are you planning to take your girl/boy to world beautiful place to propose them or impress them. Do you want to know which place to take them?

Efirgy Efirgy v1.3

Efirgy helps you saving energy and money

Christian Singles Christian Singles v1.0

Our service is a faith-based community for adults in search of a lasting, meaningful relationship.

Smart Talking Alarm Smart Talking Alarm v1.0

Lets get up for sure with Amazing MULTIPLE Smart Talking Alarm....

We included some new features in this new version of Smart Talking Alarm

Nuclear Flashlight Nuclear Flashlight v0.0.24

This is simple, useful and practical widget for turn on/off torch.

Law Of Attraction Daily Affirmations Law Of Attraction Daily Affirmations v1.3

Most of us have at least one area in our life that could use a new vision and a higher reach. What is that reach for you - more money, better relationships, a healthy, fit body, or simply more happiness in life? With Law Of Attraction - Customizable Daily Affirmations from New American Dreamer that reach has just been made easier. It has been proven that daily use of affirmations can help us easily reach what seem like impossible goals from where we are presently standing.

Linux Penguin Linux Penguin v1.2

Linux Penguin Widget.

This is a very simple and lightweight widget with OS Linux logo - Penguin.
Created especially for fans of Linux. Your Android is also Linux :)

To add widget press: Home->Menu->Add->Widgets->Linux Penguin Widget

Breathtaking Breathtaking v1.1

Enjoy stunning nature pictures along with nature sounds to relax your mind. Take a slow deep breath and hold it for a moment before blowing into microphone slowly to change picture. *Picture will be updated regularly*

Astro Horoscope Astro Horoscope v1.8

A good way to start your day is to read your horoscopes. First download this app

Free Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes.

Astrology gives us insight into all life situations, all types of people, organizations, pets, relationships and more. It reveals to us our core values and characteristics. It guides us into the future.

Fast read, listen, save or share your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. The horoscope updated daily.

MCM Random Baby Name Generator MCM Random Baby Name Generator v1.0

Are you expecting? Try our random baby name generator to help you pick out a name for your baby.