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Futebol de Primeira Futebol de Primeira v1.0

Aplicação personalizável que permite obter, ordenar e pesquisar numa única lista, noticias das seguintes fontes: MaisFutebol, oJogo e Futebol365. Acompanha a par e passo todas as novidades do futebol Português e Internacional.

Currency Converter Currency Converter v1.0

Currency Converter with more than 100 currencies.

SpeedSense SpeedSense v2.0

Turn your Android phone into a virtual Dashboard. Add yet another functionality to your gadget. Set your trip log and avail maximum details off your trip.

MLH Easy Tip Calculator MLH Easy Tip Calculator v1.0

A very easy to use tip calculator. Automatically calculates as you are entering information, no button to push.

Wapdroid Wapdroid v2.6.4

Toggles WiFi on/off with proximity to networks, using cell towers recorded while this service is running and connected to those networks. Please report issues to
*Eris & Sprint Hero w/Android 1.5 Cupcake do not provide cell tower info as HTC incompletely added CDMA which is not officially supported by Android.

Expense Recorder Expense Recorder v5.1

This program lets you enter expense/income items or credit/debit items and calculates totals and differences depending on the date selected. This is the fully featured version of my product. There is no expiry date and it has pie charts and reports which shows the report range. You can also export the data.

You can change the report range by pressing the menu option.

Please donate if you find the application useful :)

Press the menu button at the main screen for starters for add/delete categories and help.

I really want to know if you find my application useful.
Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think, if you like it and what you'd like to see.

VelcomUSSD VelcomUSSD v1.0

VelcomUSSD - приложение предназначенное для удобной и быстрой навигации по меню USSD запросов в сети Velcom.

Credit Usage Credit Usage v4.6.4

As also found in the official Google Android Market:

This application is a call minutes, sms, mms and data usage meter to monitor your credit usage. Never exceed your quota again!

Supporters unlock: free times/contacts/groups; widget; usage log; greater configuration of plan inclusions + more. A free 5 day trial is offered.

Please report bugs!

Please visit for more information.

iDeal iDeal v1.0

A convenient and simple calculator for anyone selling anything. Easily converts between common units of weight.

QDial QDial v2.0.2

Simply speed-dial.
- View contacts in photo-collage style.
- Single touch to dial or show more options.
- Arrange contacts the way you want.
- Display phone book photo or Facebook photo.
- Compact view: show up to 40 (8x5) contacts in a view.
- Create contact groups (horizontal pages).
- Home screen shortcuts & widgets (in FULL version).
- English and Chinese language support.

Coptic Keyboard Coptic Keyboard v0.5

Coptic is the most modern ancient Egyptian language.

First written Egyptian language was Hieroglyphic. Developed to 2 langs Hieratic and Demotic.

Demotic alphabets were replaced with Greek ones and this is Coptic.

Install:Settings->Locale&text->Coptic Keyboard.
Use:long press on text field->input method->Coptic Keyboard.

TeslaLED TeslaLED v2.0.2 Droid 2, Motorola Roi. Market visibility fix.

Turn your phone into a flashlight or torch!
Does NOT require root

Nexus One 2.2 Froyo
Motorola Droid/Milestone
Desire, EVO, MyTouch Slide

This is a LED (Camera Flash) light/torch. First non-root Nexus LED Torch, brightest on Droid w/ 2.2, only working one for Droid 2.

Strobe, Morse Code, Widget

Please Donate, PayPal

APad++ APad++ v1.5

As the network anomalies, just download the ver.1.4 users, please download again, thank you.

A powerful general-purpose text editor, support for the current mainstream text editors. Support the text encryption format specific.
more info:

MoonPhase MoonPhase v1.3.2

MoonPhase widget displays the current phase of the moon depending on your location. View the moon daily for one month or more.

USBCurrent USBCurrent v1.1

Very simple and small application:
Shows the amount of electrical current available to the phone via a USB connection.

Rseven Rseven v0.9.6

Mobile lifecache - backup all phone data incl SMS, track location

ClockSync ClockSync v1.0.9

ClockSync synchronizes device system clock with atomic time from Internet via NTP. Useful if provider doesn't support NITZ.


- automatic synchronization
- configurable NTP/SNTP server
- haptic feedback
- tap values on the screen or use menu

Issues? Email me.

See for details.

Advanced Launcher Lite Advanced Launcher Lite v1.5

Advanced Launcher is a must-have application for every Android owner. Advanced Launcher will create shortcuts to any application or function with ease and style. It makes your android device extremely handy and user-friendly.

newsfetch2 newsfetch2 v1.0

a simple news reader application allowing the user to view news items from subscribed feeds, search for web results and share interesting pieces via twitter

SmsControl Lite SmsControl Lite v1.03

Sms Control is the go to app when your phone is no longer at arms length. It has on of the most important features the ability to find you phone when its lost. You can set of a alarm to tell you where you lost it or from GPS.