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Archery Archery v1.0

The top killing-time Archery game has come back.

Pingy Pong Pingy Pong v1.2

Pingy Pong is the only ping pong game you will ever require

Angry Italians Angry Italians v1.1.3

With your powerful sling, try to hit objects and Italian politicians and let them all fall!

Craft Breaker Craft Breaker v1.2.1

Craft Breaker - change creation to destruction.

Candy Falls! free Candy Falls! free v2.2 free

Sweets are raining from the sky! Catch them with your basket!

CrazyBounce CrazyBounce v1.14.1

Crazy Bounce is a sequel to the popular game Bounce.

Bank Keeper Bank Keeper v1.1

Don't let them rob the bank!
Bank Keeper is a new action-packed game from Digital Fish, a retro western style shooter inspired by old 8 bit computer games like "West Bank" of ZX Spectrum or "Bank Panic" of Commodore 64.

iWorm iWorm v1.1

iWorm is a classic version of the famous old game Snake including 30 fun levels.
In every level you have to collect as many Stars as you can before their time is up.
To unlock each section, you need a specific amount of Stars.

Feed me planet Feed me planet v0.9

Feed the black hole with planets!

Sheep Game Sheep Game v1.2

Android Sheep Game is simple and fun "catch a sheep" type of game for kids where you aim to tap as many sheeps as you can and not to let lambs disappear when they are looking from left & right edges of the screen. This is a simple action & arcade game, a bit of dummy as well :-)

The design is made by my sons, 6 and 9 years old boys, who basically guided me to create a simple "catch a sheep" game which can be used with one finger and had to include music and nice sounds effects like fart :-)

Swell the Potato Swell the Potato v1.06

Have you seen those games where you have to give everything to win?

Shape Smasher Shape Smasher v1.6

Shape Smasher is a fast paced arcade game with simple rules - tap and smash everything except squares and red shapes.

Apple Run 3D Space Apple Run 3D Space v2.0

'Apple Run 3D Space' is MORE CHALLENGING sequel of SUPER HIT game 'Apple Run 3D'... Go GET it !!!

Jumping Joe Jumping Joe v2.0

Jumping Joe wants to reach moon... Help him jumping of flying stairs to space!!!

Natural Harvest Natural Harvest v1.1

Can you defeat all hamsters and save your harvest?

Crush Worms Crush Worms v1.0.3

Crush Worms - a fun and energetic game which will entice you and your children.

Alien Shoot Alien Shoot v1.0.7

The object of the game is to get to the end of each level while destroying as many aliens and collecting as much treasure as possible.

Wacky Ducks Punch Wacky Ducks Punch v1.1

Play the arcade game Wacky Ducks Punch free, tap the screen to throw a punch on the side you touch and do not miss any duck.

Bubble Bounce Bubble Bounce v1.3.1

A fun bouncing game for the people who like bubbles. Oh, and turtles.

Imposible Sheep Jump Imposible Sheep Jump v1.08

Jump as far as you can, and if you see a little leaf, fall in it, it give you a little power.