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ColoredBricks ColoredBricks v3.00

Colored Bricks is a 4-match falling blocks puzzle game.

Squishy Bubble Popper Squishy Bubble Popper v1.01

match-3 physics-style squishy bubble game

FallDown HD FallDown HD v3.0 beta4

This is the ad-supported version of the game. If you like the game, get the Ad-free version!
Pack your bags cos FallDown HD will bring you to an endless and exciting journey!

Kawaii Mania Kawaii Mania v1.2.8

Meet the adorable Kawaiis and solve tons of puzzle grids!

Tameshigiri Tameshigiri v1.15

Simplicity and realistic physics to test your bamboo cutting skill.

Boss Dismount Boss Dismount v1

Take a break from work and toss your boss under an ice cream truck!

RocketCroc Free RocketCroc Free v9.0

Croc is about to blast-off to the sky in search of food!
Using a rocket pack, try and eat as many animals as you can, but be careful, other predators have also technologically upgraded themselves, and they like the idea of a crocodile burger!

Wooden Labyrinth Wooden Labyrinth v1.0.2

Wooden Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth.Wooden Labyrinth is fantastic game with smooth game play.

Slingshot Slingshot v2.0

Aim, pull and shoot! Take control of the slingshot and pitch crows to get to the egg without breaking it.

Sweet Adventures Sweet Adventures v1.0

Incredible Candys Adventure!
For all your Family! Collect all Candys, Lollypops and stars, solve incredible puzzles and get lot of fun!

Rubeum - Free physics ball games Rubeum - Free physics ball games v1.1

Get the red ball/balls to the "goal" as fast as you can by using touch or tilt.
60 levels (more coming soon)

Tower Mania Tower Mania v1.0.1

Build your towers in a fantastic futuristic world in the simplest one-click manner! Place floating blocks as precisely as you can and discover all the wonderful locations!

BubbleBees BubbleBees v1.1

The sky is full of bees... It's time to pop!

Swipe Master Swipe Master v2.1.5

Play the most original game on Google Play! Don't let red faces even touch you! Beat world records!

Candymon Candymon v1.0.8

Rescue and go on a sugar rush with your candy monsters in sugar land!

Gangurru's Walkabout Gangurru's Walkabout v1.0.6

Gangurru's Walkabout is a challenging and fun strategy game for the whole family.
You are a kangaroo exploring the outback. Run, jump and climb to collect all the treasure and avoid the monsters. Use your spears and boomerang to conquer the world and win. Compete against your friends and climb the online leaderboards. Earn achievement points as you complete each of the levels. Use your earned points to unlock extra levels and earn items to help you in your quest.

Cheese Catapult Cheese Catapult v1.0

Pull back, aim and fire - fling the cheese and release the terror! Are you ready to play the Cheese Catapult?

Cheese Catapult is a new, addictive game that involves mischievous cats and fresh yellow cheese! That’s right: in Cheese Catapult, you must defeat the cats that are up to no good with their only weakness: cheese! Master the catapult and be more than a one hit wonder - literally!

Jump Baby Jump Jump Baby Jump v1.1

Rise the baby up as you; collecting coins and making score hi

Best Game Best Game v2.1.0

Best Game
The goal is to get a ball to a glass.
You specify where and at what speed should fly ball.
There are obstacles on the way to target.
The game has weak gravity, air resistance and an elastic collision.

Shoot Shoot the Star Shoot Shoot the Star v1.1

Shoot Shoot the Star!
Shoot the Star and complete all levels in this free addictive game.
Is easy to play, just shoot the star with your finger from barrel to barrel until the end of the stage.

New levels comming soon.