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Finger Dance Finger Dance v1.3.3

Dancefloor for your fingers! Starts so fast! Dance, collect bonuses, enjoy!

Taboo Taboo v1.4

Mobile version of the popular party game Taboo!

The Week Of The Cricket The Week Of The Cricket v2.11.0

Discover the world of Slim Cricket through a series of mini-games: original games, classics or revisited, everybody will find what they like.

know yourself know yourself v1.0.0

Know yourself from inside and through others through this personality test.

Bank robbery Bank robbery v1.1

Bank robbery is a simple click by click game to earn money and buy upgrades to earn more money.

Tapwriter Tapwriter v1.3.2

Best and Crazy Typing Game for Android.
The classic typing game with a new fun and challenging
game play where single mistake could result into a catastrophe.

MCM Cat and Mouse Game MCM Cat and Mouse Game v1.6

MCM Cat and Mouse Game is an Android game where you try to catch the mouse while playing as a cat.

TripeaksCards TripeaksCards v1.20

Simple solitaire game (yes, one more ;) ! )

Guess the Word Guess the Word v4.0

Try to guess the five letter word. Guess the Word is the ultimate crossover word game. Guess the Word is based on the popular television game Lingo!

Guess the words is a free, fun and relaxing puzzle game. Find as many words as possible, try to set the highest highscore and collect all the 4 Medals.

Munching Monsters Munching Monsters v3.1.4

Munching Monsters is a free strategy puzzle racing game where the objective is to race against rival monsters trying to eat the most food. Watch out for traps and nasty surprises. Use logic to find the best route to take. Explore 190 levels, buy cool items and skins from the shop. Munch your way through and play against level bosses. Earn a coin for each piece of fruit you eat and spend it on game items you want.

Perinola Perinola v1.0.6

Play with your friends to this traditional game, from a stone to bet real money, you choose.


1. - All start betting a certain amount.
2. - is by turns, and spins the perinola.
3. - it obeys the perinola labels.
4. - When someone gets a "take all" the player wins the entire amount, and return to step one.

Priti Priti v1.0.5

Guess the prices of popular women’s brand-name clothing and get discounts on these brands!

Astro Music Astro Music v3.2

Create your unique melody with Astro Music!
Soft quality sound will fill you with cosy atmosphere. Its simple using won't leave you careless. Astro Music - the best application for your own pleasent music. Challenge your friends for the best melody or create a lullaby for your baby with our app.
Astro Music is simple looper for all people.

Game Server Manager Game Server Manager v2.0

View and manage you favorite game servers.

DogWorld 3D DogWorld 3D v1.1.83

The sweetest animal playing app "DogWorld 3D: My Puppy" for all big and small children who always dream of having a dog. The cute little Dalmatian baby puppy is waiting for you to play with him. This dog is a true companion: you can take him anywhere and everywhere with you.

Fruit Ball 3D Fruit Ball 3D v1.0.8

Fruit ball 3D, high quality ball physics and immersive 3D gameplay.

The Ufo Smasher The Ufo Smasher v2.1.0


Protect the Earth, smash UFOs with your fingers, as more as you can in 20sec.
Easy to play fast finger game suitable for all ages.

Hanjie Nonograms Hanjie Nonograms vv12

A nonogram puzzle game.
Fill in the grid using number pattern clues.
A nonogram puzzle game. Also called hanjie, griddlers, or paint by numbers.

Dodge Ball Pro Dodge Ball Pro v1.0

Guide a ball forward avoiding any sort of collision.

Untangle me Untangle me v1.6.50

Train your brain!. Goal is to uncross all lines. Easy to learn, hard to master.