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Illusions Illusions v1.0.1.16

Amazing collections of optical illusions.

Kitchen Calculator Kitchen Calculator v1.1

KitchenCalc: elegant, simple.

The recipe feeds four, and takes 1/2 teaspoon of salt, but you have ten people coming! KitchenCalc can tell you just how much to use in a few quick touches.

Random Quote Random Quote v1.4.6

Fetch as many random Quotes from Internet as You wish!!!

● simple swipe UI
● share Quotes via email, text message
● copy Quotes to clipboard
● keep favorite Quotes
● read Wiki about any author

Lịch Việt Lịch Việt v1.4.6

Lunar Calendar for Vietnamese

Ứng dụng đơn giản dùng để xem lịch dùng cho người Việt.

Chức năng:
* Xem theo ngày
* Xem theo tháng
* Widget ngày/tháng
* Chọn ngày Âm - Dương
* Thêm sự kiện (tích hợp với Calendar có sẵn của hệ thống)

Hello Baby Hello Baby v1.2

Are you expecting a newborn? Do you count the days until birth? Hello Baby will follow you on the way and shows the remaining time until the most beautiful moment of your life. Hello Baby will tell you when your child will arrive. Girls and boys are supported

v1.2 Bug fixes

Last chance Last chance v1.7

Last chance allows you to define phone numbers to notify through SMS that you are running out of battery.

Car Inspector Car Inspector v1.2.2

Car Specifications of 60 Manufacturers. Years between 2002 - 2009 available.

Upcoming features:
- Car pictures
- Old models
- More manufacturers

Your Barbeque Your Barbeque v1.3

Best app for storing all your barbeque recipes, family traditions and your own inventions.
Have fun!

I Go Shop lite I Go Shop lite v1.1.1

I Go Shop is a fast and very simple way to handle your shopping list.

I Go Shop I Go Shop v1.1.1

I Go Shop is a fast and very simple way to handle your shopping list.

LekkerDoen LekkerDoen v1.0

Dirk - Bas - Digros

O Canada O Canada v1.0

Learn the Canadian Anthem: O Canada

eQuake eQuake v1.7.2

Get earthquake information around the world.

rShopping List rShopping List v1.9.1

Create grocery lists for favorite stores, check off items while shopping.

Wine Cellar Wine Cellar v1.12

Love the wine that you are drinking,then share that experience with your friends on Facebook

Shelves Shelves v2.0

Shelves manages your apparel, books, gadgets, movies, music, software, tools, toys, & video games.

Add by scanning barcodes; Web searches; import/export--FULL Delicious Library support.

Find items locally & online with tags/searches. Be a TRUE packrat--items can be any language!

Slick Deals RSS Feeds Slick Deals RSS Feeds v1.9

For Deals in US Only

Instantly find Daily Slick Deals with your Motorola Droid or Nexus One on one of the most popular deal sites (slickdeals) on the internet!
Find what's the deal is for today!

Supports Motorola Droid & Nexus One (Nexus 1)
Widget showing latest deal
Deals, Deals, and more Deals!

Prepper Plan-it Survival Free ( v-1.1.2. ) Prepper Plan-it Survival Free ( v-1.1.2. ) v1.1.2

Prepare for Survival Manage provision inventory. Dynamic shopping list & more.

NHL Feeds NHL Feeds v1.4

This News Feed reader provides the latest up to date on NHL National Hockey League sports game. News includes score data and event statistics.

Keywords: NHL National Hockey League Stanley Cup

YoBirthday YoBirthday v1.5

Remember one more anniversary ! Save the dates and gift ideas .