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Color books-Animal articles Color books-Animal articles v1.0.4

Baby Color Books - Creatures

Voodoo Planet Voodoo Planet v1.0

"From between the two shuffling dancers padded something on four feet. The canine-feline creature was more than just a head; it was a loose-limbed, graceful body fully eight feet in length, and the red eyes in the prick-eared head were those of a killer.... Words issued from between those curved fangs, words which Dane might not understand....

Deathworld 2 - The Ethical Engineer Deathworld 2 - The Ethical Engineer v1.0

This is a classic science fiction adventure novel by Harry Harrison.

That mores is strictly a matter of local custom cannot be denied. But that ethics is pure opinion also...? Maybe there are times for murder, and theft and slavery....

Hictic et son tic Hictic et son tic v1.2

This interactive book is funny and full of emotion. The main actor is Hictic, a small dinosaur that remains for a long time alone. He is afraid to be laughed at his verbal tic (he puts a sound "hic" at the end of each sentence) and its small size. He is bored and wants to find friends who will love him as he is. In his adventure, he meets two strange earth worms and to an impressive bull ... The story ends around a "good" meal consisting of a mosquitoes' soup ...

The Planet Savers The Planet Savers v1.0

A person, with two personalities, must seek help from an alien race to save the planet Darkover. The Planet Savers is a science fiction novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley in her Darkover book series. This story takes place in the After the Comyn (Against the Terrans: The Second Age) era.

Baby Color books-Fruit Articles Baby Color books-Fruit Articles v1.0.3

Colour card / infant color books - articles - baby fruit visual stimuli

Carnevale Maschere e Ricette Carnevale Maschere e Ricette v1.4

Il Carnevale è alle porte!
Sapete tutto sulle maschere e sulle ricette tipiche di questo periodo?
Racconta ai tuoi bambini chi sono Pulcinella, Arlecchino, Colombina, Pantalone e le altre meravigliose le maschere della tradizione italiana.
Le ricette delle frappe, chiacchiere, delle graffe napoletane, del saguinaccio e delle gustose castagnole.

The Best Made Plans The Best Made Plans v1.0

There are some people that it is extremely unwise to cross ... and the fireworks start when two such people cross each other!

This is a classic science fiction adventure novel by Everett B. Cole.

Myths And Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome Myths And Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome v1.0

Myth and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome.
These books were acquired by the gutenberg project. These books can be copied and distributed at no cost. Please visit the gutenberg project for more free books.

LibriVox Audio Books LibriVox Audio Books v3.3

Free access to over 10,000 audio books!

Naive Security Naive Security v2.1

Protect yourself and people around you from such threats by using our free internet security solution Naive Security. It will help protect your information and your different accounts while you access them through internet.

Moon Moon v1.0

Simple application that describes basic facts and contains pictures of the Moon.

Lone Crusader Lone Crusader v1.0

You used to be a knight of great achievement. But then the war came. You lost your entire regiment in an ambush. You were scorned, your badges removed, and you were exiled. All you have left is your sword and tunic. Will you remake your name? Will become great? There is a man outside your cave. In fact, there are many. They are fighting. You have not had a good fight in years. Do you fight?

Android Usenet Reader Android Usenet Reader v1.19

Android Usenet Reader (DEMO)

浴火焚神 浴火焚神 v1.1

流氓读者刘潜是个长混起点中文网的无聊学生。某日看yy修真小说正大爽时,背后出现了个仙风道骨的修真者。一时不察被拐去异界 且看主角如何利用起点各yy小说中学来的无良招数和经验,以及凭其淫荡无耻的风格,纵横逍遥异界,脚踩修真界。 你会看到一个恣意的世界,庞大奇妙的世界将逐一解开面纱,即有类东方的修炼体术体系,亦有似西方的魔法斗气结构,视角跟随主角感受身临其境的快感。 ‘读破万卷yy书,走遍异界都不怕。’


A to Z of Natural Cures A to Z of Natural Cures v1.0

Natural and healthy alternative treatments for everyday ailments.

textReader textReader v1.3.1

This is a simple e-book reader application.

Tolstoy's Books Tolstoy's Books v1.0

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İstiklal Marşı İstiklal Marşı v1.0

İstiklal Marşımızı okuyabileceğiniz ve dinleyebileceğiniz bu uygulama ile aynı zamanda Milli Şairimiz Mehmet Akif Ersoy'un hayat hikayesini de öğrenebilirsiniz.

Edgar Allan Poe's Books Edgar Allan Poe's Books v1.0

Download free application with the collection of the books by Edgar Allan Poe you will certainly love!