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A+ TimeTable A+ TimeTable v2.1.1

A+ Timetable helps you organize you daily schedule.
Share timetable with your friends.
Auto silence phone during lessons(experimental).
Auto complete hours.
Less annoying ads(1 ad visit will pause ads for a week). Several bug fixes.

WikiDroyd WikiDroyd v1.4.10

WikiDroyd is an off-line Wikipedia reader supporting 28 languages. Once you've downloaded your personal Wikipedia library (e.g. over Wifi) you do not need a network connection to search and read your articles. With our "Droyd Plugin Speech" WikiDroyd also reads articles using TTS.

Gesetze Gesetze v1.12

German laws. Displays german laws from which is provided by the BMJ.

catprep catprep v2.1

Minglebox’s CAT Prep Andoid app – Beta version
A unique android app, first of its kind that helps Indian students to Prepare for CAT/XAT/MAT/SNAP/GK Prep through their android mobiles.

Learn Irish Lite Learn Irish Lite v5

An easy way to learn the basics of the Irish Language (Gaelic/Gaeilge). This app gives you the chance to learn the numbers as Gaeilge with the Irish spelling, phonetic spelling and audio of the pronunciation.

Click a number, you will hear how it is pronounced, the spelling will appear and you will also see the phonetic spelling.

Butterfiles! Butterfiles! v1.0

North American Butterfly Identifier, Handbook, and Recognition game in one App!

FreebaseRT FreebaseRT v1.0

Use this tool to search the open community database Freebase for articles.

Vocopedia lite Vocopedia lite v1.5

Vocopedia is a flashcard based vocabulary builder app.
It contains 3900+ English words with their synonyms and
examples(for most of them).It is suitable for preparation of competitive exams like

or any other exam that includes verbal part.
Please open the help from the starting screen by pressing at least once to get to now about the features and how to use them.

MyQuiz MyQuiz v1.0

***The Best Quiz Experience of all times***
Presenting MyQuiz –HD, an awesome application for Android at an introductory offer price of ***$0.99***

Little Genius Little Genius v1.2

Little Genius - What Doesn't Match? Is a brain training game for children from 3 to 6 years old. It learns logical thinking through the play.
Colorful images and nice sounds let Your child to have a nice time. The game consists in choosing which one of four images doesn't match to others. Enjoy :)

The Sleeping Beauty The Sleeping Beauty v1.0

Classic fairy tale of a princess who was cursed to sleep until a charming prince gave her a kiss. This fun children book contains color artworks to illustrate the text. It's easy to scroll through the book and it remembers your last read position.

Share the joy of your childhood story with your kids on your Android phone. You can quickly create a healthy bond with your toddler by reading this classic tale during bedtime stories.

Compounds Compounds v1.1

Put together elements and discover more about chemical compounds! Synthesize the right combination of elements from the periodic table and receive information about the compound you created.
Useful as a chemistry study tool or for fun, this app aims to inform while providing an entertaining and puzzling experience of discovering new compounds.

Japanese Gojuon Japanese Gojuon v2.0

An app supports the writing and pronouncing of gojuon.

Kombinatoryka PL Kombinatoryka PL v2.0

Aplikacja pomoże Ci rozwiązać zadania z kombinatoryki. Zawiera schematy pomagające zrozumieć i zastosować odpowiedni wzór. Przydatna aplikacja dla uczniów gimnazjum, liceum i studentów.

Baby Explorer DEMO Baby Explorer DEMO v4.1

Baby explorer is a fun learning program for children of all ages.

Nursery Learning Nursery Learning v1.0.0

A cool app, developed for kids of age group 2 to 6, lets your child to learn ABC and 123 in interactive way by converting

Vocabo - Multimedia Word of the Day Vocabo - Multimedia Word of the Day v1.1

Enrich Your English vocabulary in a modern way!

Coach English Lite Coach English Lite v1.8.0

Lite Version of Coach English. This version has 10 sentences in each verb tense.

Buy a full:

Full version features:

Keep your English updated training with over 500 phrases. Repeat the sentences available in all tenses. Record your results with the time it took you to finish each workout. See wrong and correct answers. Send it to your personal email in a report format.

Schoolplan+ Schoolplan+ v3.0

Get control over your schoollive.

Attendance Manager Attendance Manager v1.0

Attendance Manager is a free application for students to help manage their attendance on day-today basis,
Simply fill up time table/schedule of lectures/courses and use it right away.

No more curiosity/nervousness/apprehension about your attendance.
Now you will manage your own attendance...