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Flower Gift Flower Gift v1.0.0

Never end up missing a flower at hand again.
Use this virtual flower replacement to present it as a gift anytime you need it or just hand it over to surprise and entertain someone you love. Just plant the seed wherever you want it to grow, give it some patience, shed the light of your smiles upon it and in a minute it will blossom into a beautiful wild rose, presenting you with a random but sincere wish. You can also set it as your live wallpaper on devices running Android OS 2.1+.

m-horoscope m-horoscope v2.6.1

Mobile horoscope and shio apps. Content update daily, enjoy your lifestyle with m-horoscope android. Click on daily horos button to switch on daily shio. Support Facebook wall posting shared. Cool...

Maggie's Cakery Maggie's Cakery v1.0.6

Maggie is a cake baker from the state of Minnesota. This is the app that accompanies her cake portfolio website.

EyeEm EyeEm v2.0.2

EyeEm is a simple & slick photo sharing app that connects you with like-minded people through the photos you take. Discover albums of topics, places and events - just see where it takes you!

Lights Lights v1.2.5

The high rated flash light app which can make your cell phone fun and a light tool!

Horoscopes Horoscopes v1.01

Гороскопы для всех знаков за вчерашний день, сегодня, завтра, неделя, месяц, год.

Horoscope and Tarot Horoscope and Tarot v1.6.0

Horoscopes and Tarot is funny astrlogy app. I provide you daily horoscope,compatibility,love match.
daily tarot reading.

you will love it so!!!

horoscope horoscope v1.0.0

Yahoo Horoscope for Android

iMotors iMotors v1.1.1

Research New Cars, View Photos and Reviews, and Get Quotes and Rebates—FREE!

Friday Friday v14.4

Friday: your second brain

ReaderScope ReaderScope v2.0.13

Google Reader client for Android

بيزات بيزات v1.3

Now you can browse and post ads in all Arabic countries via Bezaat Android

Music Game Music Game v1.0

Are you learning an instrument? Do you wish to learn music theory in a fun free game way instead of getting bored to death? You have made the right move! Let's play and have fun, all while your level of knowledge of musical notes and song beats becomes increasingly higher! Perfect for kids and children. Enjoy! musics, games, trivia, piano, songs

Thought Of The Day Thought Of The Day v1.0

A special thought for the day. Increase your happiness by reviewing daily positive advice and wisdom to make you feel better. Thing wise thoughts with these pick me up quotes and inspirational sayings. free quote, wisdoms, ideas, happy

JustReader JustReader v1.0.10

Read your favorite feeds anywhere you want!

Partner Partner v1.0.0

This software integrate 4 different function .You can get infomation in your cellphone and change your background. Girls can informed yourself about MC time .Also,you can search the file you need in your phone.It's cheap and useful.

The Motorcycle Quiz The Motorcycle Quiz v1.0

The times of motorcycle has come again. The time of easy riders is here again. So let see how many of you are really into motorcycles and how many of you actually know something about them. Take the quiz below to find out whether you are indeed a motorcycle fan or not. Answer all the questions.

StopWatch StopWatch v1.1

Shake your device to start the timer.
another shake for pause
two shakes for Reset
Set laps.
pause and resume.
exciting interface.

Haberci Fenerbahçe Haberci Fenerbahçe v1.5

Fenerbahçelilere müjde... Tüm Fenerbahçe haberlerine Haberci hızıyla ulaşın. Kaynaklar: Fanatik, Fotomaç, Lig TV,, Fenerbahç, Facebook, Google News, Fikstür, Sonuçlar. Uygulamamızı beğendiyseniz lütfen puan verin daha fazla Fenerbahçeli'ye ulaşmasına aracı olun.

classic classic v1.0.1

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