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starshapedgame starshapedgame v1.0

Do you remember the day when you enjoy doing this Star-shaped game?

Dam Haji Dam Haji v0.1

Discover the BEST Malaysian traditional board game; Dam Haji on your Android devices now!

Dam Haji is a two-player traditional board game and one of the Checkers variations. The promoted piece is known as "Haji" in this game (hence the name of the game).

Jones in the fast lane Jones in the fast lane v1.3

Jones in the Fast Lane is a virtual board game that simulates real life, with the player as an ordinary person with ordinary life goals. They have to buy food, pay their rent, go to work, and still find ways to become happy.

Fantastic Checkers 2 Fantastic Checkers 2 v1.0.1

"Fantastic Checkers 2" take our super popular checkers game.

Snakes and Ladders Aquarium Snakes and Ladders Aquarium v1.5

Check out this brand new version of the most popular board and dice game Snakes and Ladders

Magnet Blocks Magnet Blocks v1.1.3

Tap on the cell to move all the cross based blocks to the tap point.

Escape Number Escape Number v1.0

Escape Number Puzzle Game

DropDown Blocks DropDown Blocks v13

The app is set up and various blocks.
(basic, wood, darkwood, ice, colorful) Materials.
This game can be a maximum of 3 Players

Marble One Marble One v2.0

Marble one - Peg solitaire (or Solo Noble) a board game for one player.

ChessOK Playing Zone ChessOK Playing Zone v1.4.3

ChessOK Playing Zone - Play Chess Online, Watch Live Chess, Join Tournaments

Love Wins Love Wins v1.000

This game is similar to the halli galli. This is an educational math game for kids and everyone.

Grand Mahjong Grand Mahjong v2.4.0

- +100 layouts
- create, save and share you own designs
- easy,medium and hard layouts
- 100% free
- share your score with friends!

Sushi Mahjong Sushi Mahjong v2.1

Charismatix Mobile Games presents: Sushi Girls Mahjong HD Sushi Mahjong is the first game of the emerging Sushi series. Step into the ruminant world of Mahjong on your mobile. Use your mind and your power of deduction to solve mahjong combinations created by the six beautiful, sweet Manga Girls who are called the Sushi Girls. After solving every mahjong configuration, you will have gotten acquainted with all of the girls. If you want to play Mahjong, play it Sushi-Style!

BW-Go BW-Go v4.6.4

SGF editor with built-in Joseki dictionary, supporting plugins

Peg Solitaire Peg Solitaire v1.5

Peg solitaire, also known as Solo Noble or Brainvita, is a board game for one player. You win the game if only one peg remains.

The rules are simple: you can move the pegs vertically or horizontally, jumping above another peg and to a hole.

Nim Nim v1.4

Nim is a simple mathematical game of strategy.

Soviet pinball Soviet pinball v1.2

The oldschool board game from USSR

Dikey Okey Dikey Okey v1.0

Tek elle Okey oynayın. Üstelik öğreticisi de var.

TyPhuChess TyPhuChess v1.9.2185

******** Ty Phu Chess - The game is similar to original Monopoly game, but it has different rules. ********

Trick Wars Trick Wars v1.01

Trick Wars - conquer star empires of hex world!